Thursday, June 16, 2011


  And it is a good morning. The rain has washed Illinois clean and it even has a fresh smell outside.
      My son & family are coming to see us today  from Oklahoma. We had a close family friend get killed by a hit & run driver over the weekend and the funeral is Saturday.  So I will get to see my grandsons, but not for a happy occaision.  They will help cheer us all up!
   Well I have been a busy girl! Since I don't get around much, I have gotten a bit of scrapping done.  About 15 cards that I am making for a couple of Aunts for Christmas gifts, to be exact!  And a layout for "Scrap Your  A** Off" competition.  I am not as happy with the brightness of it, but it is a good layout.  Went together fast...the paper kinda dictated what I should do.

     I sold this paper in my store several years ago.  It is from SEI. I knew when I saw it that I had to save it for a "Lisa" page.  She is from Kansas and is a Wildcat fan. So purple is her fvorite color!  I made this one 12x12, so I will have to make a separate one for her 8x8 book. Which is ok, I have some more of it! The pictures were from when sheand her hubby were here last summer.  We went to Springfield, Ill. to see all the Lincoln exhibits. That was a great day!
  But you didn't come here to hear about vacations!  Here is a close up of the "fussy cutting" that I did!  It was a little tiresome, but I got it finished. I added the wee tiny pearl bling on the petioles, again tiresome.  They kept sticking to my fingers!! The large flower is a piece of chipboard that I covered. I didn't realize until I saw the picture that I didn't ink the inside of the flower!  It is still chipboard gray!
I used this flower on another project some time ago for a small cork board to hang in my room.  Looks so different with different paper on it! I had a couple of the packages, left over from owning the store!

Well Dreamers, that's all I have today.  Need to get busy doing a bit of house cleaning for my family.  I have the word "Dream" all over my house to remind me that, even small dreams are dreams.  If you have a dream, you still have hope.  So for now, I am Dreamin' of a fully recovered keep Dreamin' too!

Pammie Kay

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Saturday, June 11, 2011!
Please join us for a

  Unless you live on a beach or are on vacation, can you think of a better way to spend a hot, humid Saturday?  We have 11 blogs for you to visit, each teaching you a different tutorial. (Get it..we are teaching, therefore it is summer "school"?)  You can get the list of some of the projects at this link.  Not all of us have made a decision on what to do yet.  That would be me!  And some others, I am in good company! 
    It's starts at 9 am EST, and you have until the 16th to complete any challenges.  I know I had over 30 comments the last blog hop and am looking forward to this one.  We have some really talented ladies in our group.  I am a little intimidated by a couple, cause their work is so fabulous!  So I hope to hear from you ALL on Saturday (or at least by Monday), and see some of YOUR work.

  I am Dreamin' of all the new things I'll learn this weekend...

you keep Dreamin' too.

Pammie Kay

Saturday, June 04, 2011

So Behind!

I bet you think that since I have not been posting anything lately that I have not been creating?  You would be wrong!  I have gotten quite a few things finished and I want to share a new one with you.
   I have to give you a little back story on these pictures.  They are of my son Patrick when he was 2.  He was "all boy" from birth.
  • starting walking a 8 months
  • had his first stitches at 18 mos  (a total of 22 ER visits before he was 10!)
  • fell 30+ feet from a tree
  • has close personal friends now who work in ER (yes, he still goes on a regular basis! Even at 32!)
  So this particular day, I was in the garden planting flowers and had my back turned. SHAME ON ME!  I found him carefully stacking daddy's charcoal for him.  He was covered from head to foot, but so proud of himself for helping ! 
So I made the decision to stay with the dirty theme.  I took a piece of putty grey card stock, ripped it down so that beautiful star paper would show, inked and distressed the edges.  Still too clean, so armed with a finger dabber and Black Soot Distress Ink I made smudge marks ALL OVER the paper! 
   I used Echo Park's Little Boy paper kit exclusively for this layout.  I love the colors and the stickers are awesome.  (same pack I used for the twins' page a few days ago).  I like that it is little boy paper, but not baby. 
Other things I added were the star bling and some twine.  The stars I have had since we made cards for soldiers in Desert Storm!  Yes, I have a throwing away problem.  But I knew one day I would use them and I have! I backed the car sticker on card stock and mounted it on popdots.  It has nothing to do with dirty boys and everything to do with boys.  I love the picture cause it shows his neat little stack of charcoal.  You can see the satisfaction in his face!
This last photo shows not only him smelling my marigolds....or the dirt from head to foot....but my banners up close!  I just took snippets of different paper in the pack, snipped the ends like ribbon, and glued the top around the twine.  I cut some stars out of background paper (yes, now you know how cheap I am...if I am covering a background with card stock, I cut the center out of the pattern paper, leaving only a frame!  I've told you I waste nothing!), and attached the twine to them.  I didn't want my banners to fly away so they needed to be grounded. And it ties in the stars from the border.  The tiny alphabets came with the packet, so the colors matched perfectly!  LOVE ECHO PARK!!!
Well, going to get my Saturday going.  Don't forget that I have a little blog candy going on Thursday's here and it will take you to it.All you have to do is leave a comment.  You can comment on all my pages if you want to...I love the feedback.  Don't be afraid to tell me if you would do something different on the layout.  That's how we learn from sharing different points of view!   I hope you enjoy my blog, when I get around to doing it!  I fully enjoy writing.

For now, I'm dreamin' about my sweet little boy who has grown into a good man...
You keep Dreamin' too

Pammie Kay

Friday, June 03, 2011

Just a quick post...

then I am off to physical therapy!  They are really helping my leg feel so much better, but I can't help but complain...a little bit.  Wednesday, they had me balance on one leg...throw a rubber ball at a small trampoline...try to catch it...all standing on one leg!  Come on now....To start, I can't catch. With a glove, yea. With my hands? Get real!  I was quite comical as the ball repeatedly hit me in the tummy, the chest, the shoulder...a couple of times it hit me in the hands!  I even hit the exercise bike behind me!  So on to more fun today!  And while you are laughing at me..this is how your fingers look after washing 3 times...after dyeing silk ribbon with Distress Ink!  It is lighter today, but no, it is not fully water soluble!

  Wanted to show you a quick look at the layout I did for the weekly competion at Paper Secrets...

This is an 8x8 layout, so you just have to imagine how tiny the flowers I made are! And I have yet to figure out how to take a square picture!  But trust me, the pictures and paper are glued on straight...I have a ruler and I know how to use it!!

Here's a closeup of the pleated flowers I made.  The orange and blue ones are 1"!!  The "ribbon was made with microbeads on a 1/4" red sticky tape strip!  It's hard to follow sketches in minature...but I did.
My ride will be here any I'm am running!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Need a little help

Morning Dreamers.  Hope it is as lovely outside at your house as it is at mine...mild and sunny.  Perfect early summer morning.
    I am up early starting on projects already...but I am stumped on this one thing...which color of glitter to cover my chipboard letter with. I started this page while on retreat in Lake Geneva, WI. It s a beautiful town and luckily the weather was bad, so I wasn't distracted from my cropping!  so here is the page....

It's my beautiful new Grand-daughter, Evelyn.  We were challenged to do a "photo booth" type picture and this is my take. I used paper from My Minds Eye, fussy cut around the 3 flowers to make an embellishment out of them.  This kit came with the scroll sticker, which I popped up on dots. I love how my flower came out. I put a silver stickles around the edges.  A little bling, some ribbon....tada!! It was done...almost.   I  plan to put one large chipboard "E" on it, with a journal strip of "velyn" and her birth date on it.  And I want to big E to be covered in glitter...but which color do you gals think?  Rose or the turquoise?
I  love them both, but can only use one...
So here is my job for you today...leave a comment telling me your choice by Friday nite at 10:00 pm CST. I will tally up the totals and take the one with the most votes.  THEN, I will pick with the random generator the name of the person who will win this Maya Road Coaster Album!  I love the little birds..this would make a great gift for a friend who needs a pick-me-up!
So I'm dreaming of which color you will pick...and you can dream of what paper you will put on your little birdie album!

Thanks Dreamers!

Pammie Kay

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A New Look and a New Attitude

Welcome back Dreamers.  Ok, I know you have been here it is me that has been missing!  Trying to turn a new leaf, starting today.  I have lots to share, so let's get started!

  It is the most beautiful day here in the burbs.  Sunshine, nice cool breeze, a wonderful day to open up the house and get rid of the winter stale.  Only one problem with that...having scrap spread on the dining room table with open windows!
It blew all the way down the hallway while I took my afternoon nap!  You can see what I've been working on...layouts of the twins visit last summer using Echo Park's Little Boy set and a page for baby Evelyn using My Minds Eye, Laundry Line!  I laughed out loud when I saw it and had to share!
We had such a great time when they spent a week with us...water gun fights were the biggest activity.  But they got to fly on a plane for the first time and we went to the zoo with Aunt Amy.  And the museum etc, etc.  It was a full week...I sent them home tired out!I used almost everything from Echo Park for this except the chipboard frame and 2 pieces of ribbon! After fussy cutting,  I heat embossed the stripes on the planes and popped them with foam dots. I also embossed the frame with silver and red.  I did these for a contest, called "Scrap Your Ass Off" at the Paper Secrets Ning site. I didn't have the orange check but matched it well I thought with this cardstock.  I cut with my Pazzles machine the beach ball parts and mounted them on a piece of chipboard. I also cut the sun with my Pazzles (I love it!  worth every penny!) The photo corners are brads that I got from Oriental Trading years ago, and am finally using.  They fit the color scheme very nicely.  A little gold glitter on the brad heads makes the sun sparkle!

I Had to put the closeup in here so you can see what a fabulous job my Kodak Z710 does when it is on "sport" setting.  I LOVE that it captured the water drops so clearly.  This was a great afternoon in the neighbors' yard slipping and sliding the summer away.  Sometimes don't you just dream of having that carefree life again?
Keep Dreamin' cause wishes do come true!

Pammie Kay