Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Fresh New Love

Life couldn't be sweeter! 
My newest Grandchild...

Evelyn Kay

 She was born on the 16th, weighing 7 lbs, 6 ozs.  She has a head full of dark black hair and right now her eyes are deep brown.  Everyone says she looks just like her brother, but I think I see more of mommy in her.  Then again, I was there when she was born, so I know!
 Big Brother wasn't quite as sure of the baby as the rest of us...he warmed up to her later last night.  I know they told him he was getting a baby sister, but at 3 it still wasn't sinking in.  We took him home for an afternoon nap and to play with his friends.  He, Grandpa & I were looking at the pics I had uploaded and he was ok with the baby, but still not impressed!  But when we got to a picture of all of us standing around mommies bed, he got the saddest look on his face...and a tear formed.  "That's my mommy", he said.  And he rubbed the tears from his eyes.  Such a brave little man.  So we loaded up the car to go see her again ("her" being the baby for us, Ethan only wanted to see mommy!)

 This precious picture is from his first encounter with Evelyn.  He really never would even look at her!   But as I said, he really wanted to see her when we got there last night.  After getting cleaned up this morning, we will go up for about an hour. 
   Then I think we will do a little bit of local sight seeing...they are right on Puget Sound and it couldn't be more beautiful!  I am taking lots of photos, so I will have lots to scrapbook when I get home!(and I am missing scrapbooking! I haven't been this long without it in a long time)
   So I'm dreaming of sweet kids and scissors and keep dreamin' too!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

We made it to Seattle!

The Space Needle

This seemed like the longest flight ever! Will we ever get there? Fly faster! So I entertained myself. We had barely sat down and Steve leaned over and said, "I want to squeeze that ladies hair ball and make it squeak!" And looked over and died laughing!

I was very careful not to show her face.
I had the camera out,
so I took a picture a picture of my beloved:
And a picture of him really relaxing:
The Rocky Mountains
Steve playing with a sweet baby behind us:
Eugene enjoying snacks and a drink:

And the main event:
He was a little disappointed at first, cause he thought it was going to be the other Grandparents, who he saw at Christmas.  But we knew that we hadn't seen him since he was not quite 2....a year and a half is too long (thank you again BP! for canceling last summer's vacation)  But it didn't take too long for him to make up to us and start calling us grandma and grandpa.  So I am busy taking pictures to scrap.  And dreamin' of a granddaughter on Wednesday.  You keep dreamin' too.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Things I love...

And the hop goes on!  I won't be able to do much more participating, though I am "pre-writing" a couple of blogs to hop in while I am gone.  Where? I thought you'd never ask!   

Sorry for the yelling, but I am excited!  I have 3  adorable  grandsons who have brightened my life up so much!  Picture taking is a challenge, lol.  this is the last time we were all 3 together, the baby wasn't even 2 and know he is 3 1/2!  His mommy is having baby Evelyn next Wednesday.  We fly out Saturday and I will be there the next 2 weeks, with much more to think of than scrapbooking! 
Ok, I have to admit that my mind has not been working well lately.  I have a book (journal that I keep a list of all the challenges I want to participate in, etc.  Just a crafty list, no house chores. So, yesterday, when hopping through the blogs again, I swear that I saw someone post to do a layout about something you love.  Not necessarily a Valentine layout though.  I 'hopped' right to it, with a fun idea.  And now, I can't figure out where to post it!  So if this was your challenge, leave me a comment and I will post it!!
   So I have this rubber Duck named Eugene, who I have had since my 16th birthday.  It's a long story for another day, but he goes with me now on trips.  I take his picture with lots of people and in different situations!  (It started because my DH hates him, and now I just do it to annoy him!)   So I made a page about him to go into his album.  The companion page will  be posted later. 
I used the Harry Potter paper, slitting the top of the scroll and star.  I love to slip the pictures under the actual paper!  Other than some inking, this is a basic layout.  I used some old Heidi Swap rub-ons and kraft paper for matting. The color block in the center top is cut from the flip side of this paper.  This is a great example of letting your paper work for you. 
Thanks for stopping by today.  If off to Dream about a keep dreamin' too!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Another Sweetheart Page

Did you gals have a great time hopping yesterday?  I did! We have some fabulous talent at Creative Scrapbook Divas!  And I can't believe the new people who are joining Creative Scrapbooking Divas!  It is amazing!  Welcome back today.

I have another layout to share--
We could call this Sweethearts of the Grandmother & Grandfather, when they were dating!  I don't have a true date on this, but my mom was born in 1932, I imagine it is in about 1929 or '30.  Wait! It had to be after '29, cause she graduated from college that year.  My Aunt Faye passed some pictures of them dating to me...this is NOT the original....I would NEVER paste an embellie over an original! 
I used My Minds Eyes paper from the Laundry Line Collection. 
 I used my PenBoss to emboss only parts of the flowers on the heart stamp from SU. I keep my embossing powder in a Ziploc bowl.  It makes it easy to dip small pieces in, helps keep it off my work surface, and I can see at a glance on my shelf what color to grab!  I use my alligator clip to keep from burning my fingers, and no, I didn't use the heat gun directly on the surface of my bathroom cabinet....just sat it there for the picture.  Not enough hands to take the picture!

A close-up of the tag shows that I inked a lot (kinda my trademark!) around all edges.  My flower lace was too bold white, as was my crepe paper.  So I spritzed them with Walnut Ink to age it a bit.  The crepe paper is aged almost too much for my taste, but after 3 tries, I was just tired!  I put a line of Zip Dry on the back of the Bingo card and smooshed (a very technical scrapbook term, for you beginners!) the crepe paper on until I felt it looked like gathering.  I'm very pleased with the outcome.
      Living in the Depression in western Oklahoma was not easy and picture taking was an expensive luxury. And I'm

 sure Grandma & Grandpa weren't thinking of the family that their love would produce on this day. But it did ...6 children, 20 grandchildren, 45 greats, 12 great, greats with one born yesterday, Edison and my granddaughter to be born next week...Evelyn after her Great, Great Grandma Gash.   Look how that dream of love played out.
   I'm Dreamin' of love today....You Keep Dreamin' too!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Hop on in!

Welcome to my part of the most EXCITING BLOG HOP EVER!

Ok, that might be an exaggeration, but just a little.   Hopefully you have come to me from Brandi's Creative blog.  If you are just now joining and would like to do all the blogs START HERE
Now, of course, with any hop there will some order and most importantly purpose.  The purpose of this hop is to challenge you to create something out of your comfort stretch yourself. Sometimes the stretching comes with the challenge of just completing them! 

CSDivas will have a Grand Prize to giveaway (separate then each blog challenge or giveaway, if there is one offered)... Prize includes:

- Making Memories Alpha Fetti Black and White die cut letter pack.
- Recollections About Time¨clear stamp set
- Assortment of ribbons
- Assortment of prima flowers and leaves
What you need to do to be eligible to win the Grand Prize?
1) Upload your project in the gallery with the tag... VDHop Pam
2) Post your creations to the corresponding discussion for each Blog Hop Participant.
 Mine is at this link:

a) Players will earn a ticket at CSDivas, when they upload their entries to corresponding discussion.
They they need to be new creations and meet the challenge criteria.. I think this is important, that's how you stretch yourself!
b) You will earn a ticket for each different challenge creation you upload.
c) Due date to upload entries at CSDivas is Thursday February 17, 2011.
d) Winner will be announced on Tuesday February 22, 2011..

List of Blogs to Hop:

So, now let's play.
Let me start by telling you a Valentine story..
Christmas in my family was a BIG EVENT.  The whole family (I have 20 cousins ) gathered at my Grandma's farm house in Western Oklahoma.  It was a family event and casual dates were not must be serious to bring a boyfriend with you.  When my DH and I were dating, my older brother bought his girlfriend an engagement ring for Christmas.  And of course announce their engagement during family time. In front of my large family (there were a min. of 65 there) Steve professes that he thinks he would rather have a new stereo, but before he had one of those. Ha Ha.  The whole family got a laugh, except for me, I gave a polite, disappointed smile.
  We lived about 150 miles apart, so conversations were mostly letters, with the weekly "long-distance" phone call.  Well, he had something really special for my visit in February, which was on Valentines weekend.  My friends and I knew I was getting a ring.  I showed up with anticipation, said pleasantries to his folks, and we went to his place (he had an apartment in his folks' back yard).
  And he presented me with the most beautiful stereo system that Pioneer made!  Yes, he did! 
And 34 years later, we are still listening to the speakers, playing the record player and our 2nd son has the receiver in his garage.  So Pioneer really knew how to make stereos....and I did get that ring....but not until June!

So Valentine's Day at my house is not a huge romantic event. Not that you haven't already figured that out!  I don't do alot of pink, syrupy things. So this has been a challenge for me, just coming up with a challenge for you!
My project came from a prompt at another blog hop at Sketches for All, that  I played this weekend. It was to make a layout using a love song for the title.I knew instantly that was what I wanted you to do.  So I entered this over there last night, but really had you in mind. 

I am very happy with all except the fact that I can't take a square photo!  I promise everything on this layout is straight (sometimes I use a ruler!)  This is Steve's favorite love song, which he sings to me on occasion.  I agree with the my life I love him more. And I wanted to show him and tell the world at the same time! (no stereo here!)

I used the new collection from K&Co  Floral and Fauna. Lovely soft colors and very earthy.  But just a hint of it, cause I didn't want the page to be to 'girly'.  My background is a kraft paper that I have splattered with Olive Vine Tattered Angels mist. I didn't do the soft fine mist.  But instead a bold 'blotches' again to make it a little more manly and apparent.   

I framed him with a circle flourish frame that I cut out with my Pazzles Inspiration.  It is an amazing machine!  I cut the alphas also from there. 
 And that is all I have to say today, no it's not!  He is wrestling out 3 grandsons at Halloween in the one picture, another love of my life!  But the main pic I took on our 32nd wedding anniversary....we went to a Boston Red Sox game.  My gift to us!

So, my challenge is to make a page, using a Love song on it.  Could be title, could be journal...but must be new for this challenge please.  1)Enter it into our forum for a chance at the grand prize
2) AND a chance to win the K & Co paper pack like I used! (or leave me a link to your layout)
3) If  you leave me a comment and or join my blog (cause I really, really need people to read my blog,
 cause I get so lonely. I just want to be your friend!)  for a 3rd way to win a prize. 
So now you are going to Angela's blog.  She is a new member of our room and is really into getting her challenges done!  Have fun on the hop and remember

Keep Dreamin'

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Hopping the day Away!

We are having another hop at Creative Scrapbook Divas!  It starts on the 7th and goes until the 14th!  This one involves also our members and we have some talented ladies over there!  There will be 13 blogs to hop to, each with a new twist on Valentine's Day.  So there will be inspiration for all and challenges to keep us busy! 

  I want to offer a challenge RIGHT NOW!  If anyone completes all 13 challenges by February 14th (and posts them at CSD), I will send them a paper pack with 6 pages in it.  They will be some "vintage" items, a couple of years old. ( you know I used to own a store didn't you?  I have tons of things to give away, just not all of it new.)  I promise it won't be wrinkled and there will be 2 of each page, so you can create a layout with it.  So get your paper, scissors and glue ready for the hop!

Okay, now for something creative today.  I  belong to many forums and do a challenge of some sort almost every day.  If not, I just scour the web and do nothing!  No, seriously.  So at one of them, I don't remember which, the challenge was a tag. These kinds of challenges annoy me, cause I don't just do something for the sake of doing it. It needs to fit into my list of things I want done!  And tags annoy me, cause I don't think to use them in my daily scrapbooking .  So, I thought I would do one, for a layout I am working on.
    I took a chipboard tag, from Basic Grey, and painted it with Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint.  Oh! the white was too bold, so when it had dried, I took a sponge and swiped over the entire tag with Distress Ink  Then I spritzed it with water in spots and "sponged" off the excess Distress ink. Instant aging! (keeping the Distress Ink away from my face!)
   The theme for my LO is 'Abandon', so everything on this tag is a symbol.  Not abandoned, like forgotten, but abandon as to give oneself over unrestranedly.  The cross is for the One whom I want to give myself over to...Christ.  The tickets symbolize an invitation..kinda a permission to be somewhere.  Closer look at the yellowish ticket will show my fingerprint.
That shows that me personally was invited to God's plan.  And I am cashing it in.  The twine around the tag, on which the cross is dangling, is tied loosely, not tight.  I feel that Christ has wrapped me in Him, in His arms.  But it is loose to symbolize my free will to be with Him.    I am very happy with the way it turned out and the way it makes me feel.    
I hope you have a chance to do a project that touches our spirit as this one does mine.  And don't forget to Keep Dreamin'.

Friday, February 04, 2011

January Winners!

A Frigid Good Morning, Dreamers!  I pray that all of you have kept warm in this crazy winter blast.  We had some kind of snow in the Chicago in many other areas I know.  This is the view of our back yard from our dining area....
What! You can't see the back yard? Neither could we!  That drift, when you add in the steps down to patio is over 6 feet tall!  The sun has collapsed it down to about the handle now. I need waders to get back there to get rid of it...the thought of snow in my boots in -4 degree weather has kept me from venturing out very far!  I am from the south!  But even Tulsa got 14" of the fluffy stuff.
Whatever you do in this weather...stay safe.

   Oh, I said something about winners didn't I?  Well then I better get on with it.  I used the random generator to pick my winners.
1)  For becoming a follower and/or leaving a comment; Just yolie!!
          winning the Maya Road Chipboard album and some Maya Bling--
2) For a winter layout without people:  Amanda
          she wins a set of Maya Road Ribbon flowers.

Please let me know your addresses so I can get them to you! is where you can contact me.

Thanks to everyone for playing.  I know you will want to play this month, cause I have some great prizes lined up! 

So keep Dreamin'