Thursday, August 19, 2010


Ok, today's post has nothing to do with scrapbooking..or crafts for that fact.  It has to do with what I found hanging at eye level in my front tree (okay, our only hardwood tree).....
Yes, a hornet's nest, just like in the cartoons when the bees chase you in one big swarm!  In MY FRONT YARD!!  We found it Sunday after going to the White Sox game. I went online to see how to remove it, and after watching some greatly hilarious videos of removal, decided to call the exterminator!  Being the curious out-doors lady,  had to snap this pictures before he came.  I was about 5 feet away when I snapped these...
The hornets were magnificent, and I had NEVER seen a nest in person.   Well then Jason got there..and he freaked me out...cause he wouldn't even get within 15 yards of it!  He started by telling me, how aggressive the Bald-faced hornet (my new neighbors) were and that they didn't lose their stingers and could sting you over & over & over & over.  They have a pheromone that sends out distress signals to their buddies, which causes them to attack.  Hope you enjoy the pictures, cause I don't think I'll ever get that close again!the rest of these were taken through the window of the front door!

 So Jason suited up..and began his assault on the nest.
 while it just looks like a water hose, it was pressurized and had bug killer in it.  Note the spray can in his hand...when one came at him, he sprayed them with big time bug killer!  It went fairly fast,
the inside was made of paper he is holding 1/3 of it...look at the size in his was HUGE!!    Anyway, that was my excitement for the week!    Hope I didn't creep any one out too bad.  Till next time...dream sweet dreams, not hornet ones!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Getting Organized!

Now for those who know can stop laughing any time now!  In our Creative Divas forum, Luisa has started an organization group.  I had to join...I am in great need of it!  She is even organized in what she wants us to accomplish in there, with lists and dates and all that stuff I lack!  So I wanted to share our homework for the weekend...yes, I completed it!
   The challenge was to organize one item, using something re purpose from around your house.  I love to use household things in my crop the hunt was on.  And I found it.  A glass jug that I bought at an antique shop when Diane & I went to Swedish Day in Geneva.  I bought it thinking I would fill it full of buttons, freeing up an entire drawer in my cart.  But, I like having the buttons sorted out, by color and much easier to just reach in and grab the certain pack I want.  So the jug was just cute, on the floor of the living room (not in the middle, but at the edge of a planter. 
  So I gathered up all the ribbon in my room, quite a feat by itself!  And then sorted it - open spools on the right - new, unopened spools on the left.  The new ones went into the jug..added some ribbon on the handle and I had instant cutesy!
I took the remaining, open ribbon and worked at filling up my ribbon carrier, you know, the ones that were so popular a couple of years back.  Lot of people didn't like them, but I love mine. 
 I carry it to crops and retreats, so I never have to whine about not having ribbon! 
I counter or shelf space is precious in your space, here is another idea that I have used for almost 10 years..
wire hangers.
You read that right.  Snip one of  the ends open (I had Steve do it with the wire snips.  I probably could've done it myself, but on occasion they need to feel needed! Look marriage tips are bonus here!) Curl the end of the upper piece in a semi-circle, and TA DAA!! You have a ribbon holder that will hang in your closetIt works so well for me.  I just have too many spools and not enough closet space!
So, I want to give you a challenge...organize your ribbon.  Do you have a system that works well for you?  Send me a photo and a description of it, and I'll feature them on the blog. 
until tomorrow, I'm Dreamin of an organized space! 

Thursday, August 05, 2010

I got to scrap with DEBBIE SCHUH!

OK, so many of you know how often I follow the blogs and web pages of the scrapbooking geniuses....for a few hours every day (before you gasp remember I only have 3 friends in Chicago-land and need to fill some time..).  So Debbie is one I follow ( some would call it stalking, I prefer the term "lurking" behind my keyboard! )  When I discovered that the ladies at Creative Cuts & Crafts  in Villa Park were bringing her in for THREE classes! you can just imagine my excitement.  (I also took a Suzy West class, but forgot to take my camera..duh! click on the link and see how fun her things are..she was a hoot.more in another blog)

We used the 7 Gypsies products, album covers, tags, papers, paper was all so yummy!  The pics aren't the best (sorry I didn't clean the table, my friend Lisa and I played Phase 10 & the cards didn't get put away..I don't have time to clean)  but you can see better ones at the store link.  I loved her total disregard to anything you thought you knew about scrapbooking!  We cut apart page protectors to make flaps on either side of a double-sided just flowed out!  And we cut protectors at a slit to make workable pockets..glued right on the outside of the protector. 

Butterflies (Jenni Bowlin)
Both sides of protector slit to make a tri-fold
I didn't want to add any more of her pages, cause she is still out there teaching this class. We also made a tag book that will hang on the other side, filled butterflies, ribbon, flowers....just adorable.  If she comes to a store near you, go take a class.
 She is a great teacher  and  a lover of Eugene....

Girls, hope your dreams start coming true......

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Creative Diva

Hello Dreamers,   I decided I probably should come back to see you again.  It has been quite a while..a whole month.  I want to tell you about an on-line forum that I not only belong to....but I have been chosen to be on the DESIGN TEAM!!  It is called Creative Scrapbooking Divas, and I have been a member there since it first formed, about a year now.  Luisa started it, as we branched off from another forum.  I don't like being in a forum where they always try to sell you something, and let me tell you it is not allowed there.  And other than respecting each other....there are no rules.
    What do you do in an online forum?  Glad you asked!  We have challenges, games, can make your own home page and load your layouts or albums or cards into your gallery.  There are about 10 different groups in the "room" that you can join.  Oh, I have won some sweet prizes from there also...and just for scrapbooking!  I tried to start one just for us dreamers, but it didn't fly.  Patty was the only one to go in on a regular basis...and now Ning charges to have a room.  So, it is gone.
   Everyone is welcome to come check us with us, challenge with us, learn new techniques, show off your projects and have your peers "ooh" and "aww" over them.
   I have a project started, so will try to post it tomorrow.  Until then...keep dreamin'