Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crop Till ya Drop

with your on-line friends! I belong to several on-line scrapbook forums. Memories Always Forever had an on-line crop this weekend. It was my first to participate in, but it was so much fun. The design team issued challenges, we played word scramble, bingo, and even had a scavenger hunt! I played all weekend, pretended I was away at a crop..stayed in my pj's and fluffy slippers. And got alot done! (I am so excited about all I am getting done, since I don't have to spend all my time with the store issuses) I showed you page 1 of my Mackinac layout, and now for page 2...
We had a sketch to go by, and in honor of Halloween, we were challenged to use "fear" somewhere in our layout. Well, that played directly into my hands...I had pictures of bridges, and fear of bridges! Ready to scrap!

It's not a really fabulous layout. But it is picture's of bridges! The upper right 2 pictures were standing at the base of the Mackinac Bridge..on the left side of the bridge was Lake Michigan and on the right side was Lake Huron! I thought it was neat the the Great Lakes are only divided by a bridge, and not a body of land. Really wouldn't that make it just one large lake? It makes sense to me! My story, below tells of my fear...hope you can read it.

I learned how to make a box out of cardstock this weekend also. I take some pics and try to post a tutorial on it tomorrow. Hope you gals got to crop this weekend. Check out some of the online communities....maybe even mine @
But for now...Keep Dreamin'

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall is in the air

Don't you just love fall? The crispness of the air, the new sweaters at Kohl's, and the leaves turning just makes me at peace. Yes, even the new sweaters at Kohl's, or any other store in fact! The colors and the knobby knits just make me want to want to snuggle up to a great book and fall asleep wrapped in their warmth.

And the leaves here are just getting spectacular. I know science can write off the reason for the change as a photosynthesis process, but I know it is just God playing with a paintbrush. He very intentionally gives us beauty so we can turn around and off Him the praise. So I do.

The first picture is the maple in our front yard. I took that picture about 3 weeks ago. Just to keep track of it.
My leaves are a little stubborn with turning. But it is coming along.The second picture is today, at approximately the same area of the tree.The picture is deceiving. The leaves look darker than the are because it is a very overcast day. And I zoomed in from the porch. (I can't walk in the yard with my Piggie houseshoes on! They'll get wet)

This last picture show the dew (rain?) on the leaves and a better look at the really changing of the leaves. Just magnificent!

I have lot's of time here to reflect on the changing of nature. And so do you. Keep your camera ready. In your car, in your purse, or on the table by the window. Leave 10 minutes early to that next meeting, soccor match, or event. Then pull off the road and take a picture of the leaves that take your breath away. Or the kids playing in the leaves. Or ducks on a pond. Stop and enjoy the things around you. They can become an embellishment on your next page, the front of a fall card, or the reason to start that mini album about your everyday life.

Oh, and while you are taking that extra 10 sure to Praise God for His majesty

Keep Dreamin'


Monday, October 12, 2009

Missing in Action

So, you may ask, where in the world have I been? Well, for one thing...not blogging! Duh! Like you didn't already know that. Sorry, I didn't mean to insult you...weak attempt at humor.

I have been busy scrapping a bit, finding my way around the western suburbs, a bit; went on a grown up vacation with my hubby and some friends! We went to Traverse City, Michigan, and it is a little slice of heaven on earth. I even have scrapped a page from our trip...

We went to Mackinac Island (oddly pronounced makinaw? an Indian name of some sort) toward the end of our week there. It's a beautiful motorized vehicles allowed. So you walk all around the island which is only 5 miles around. Or you can pay pay to ride in a horse drawn buggy. I really believe I would rather have the smell of car exhaust than that of horse "exhaust"! It was nauseating to me, and I grew up in Oklahoma farm country. The stench took away from how beautiful the water and homes there were. We retreated to the "sea shore" to escape the smell and busy-ness of downtown.

I also accepted a challenge from Laurie on DreamTalkin.ning to scrap a page without a picture.
I stumbled across some strawberry paper and had to tell my story about severe allergies. It was fun to do..glad I don't have pictures of my last attack, it was almost deadly.
If you aren't familiar with DreamTalkin, it is an attempt to start a social network to talk about scrapbooking. It is having a slow start, but at least I have a place to talk with my Oklahoma girls. Anyone is invited to join us..issue some challenges, etc.
And that is what I have been doing lately. I belong to about 3 (or is it 4?) scrapbook forums. We talk about our art, give each other kudos on layouts, and participate in challenges. I find it gives me the incentive to accomplish something in my craft. Everyday. Join up with one and start chatting.
I have another layout finished and I will put it on tomorrow...not next month, but tomorrow. Did you hear that Patty? Oh! I almost forgot..Mary, I have taken up knitting with a group of ladies at my new church here. I made a scarf!! A felted scarf. When it is fully shaped, I'll post it here Hope everyone is cropping and enjoying the wonderful fall weather. AND..
Keep Dreamin