Monday, April 27, 2009

Ok, I'm not one to whine (wait! yes I am!), but enough of this moving! I don't want to unpack anymore.

On Saturday I went to a great all day crop. It was at Crops, Paper, Scissors & More in Plainfield, IL. The owners there couldn't be any nicer. Their "specialty" is making lazer cut items. I was working on a layout for Erick's graduation, and Debbie cut out the white letters & words for me. (I can show it cause I know he doesn't follow my blog)I

It's hard to see, but in the lower right corner, under the silver Embossed "What Next?" I put an arrow on a spring, with the rub -on "Dream Big" on it. The paper & pop-up were from the Paper Company. Why 2 different schools? Why don't the pages match? Ok, Erick is graduating from OSU (Oklahoma State) with his Masters. Then in the fall he is going to OU School of Law, to hopefully finish up his schooling (something tells me he won't be happy till he has his Doctorate!). We are very proud. Since he does crop with us, he can add a picture & stick it in his album.
I did another layout also, but I'll save that to publish tomorrow. Hope you Dreamers are cropping, cause I'm not seeing any layouts posted on the DreamTalkin' forum. Get out that paper and adhesive....and Keep Dreamin'

Friday, April 24, 2009

I DID IT! While I said I wouldn't, I did IT anyway. I can't believe it. I was just so bored and IT was just there whenever I went to the furniture store, to Steve's work, shopping...IT was just taunting me, tempting me to come in. So I did IT.

"IT" was going into Archivers for the first time. There is one not 5 miles from the house. I wasn't going to go in, because, like Michael's or Hobby Lobby, they buy at a greater bulk, so of course they have everything. And can afford big discounts, because they buy it much less than your LSS. This one had more clearance products than my entire store inventory. And yes, they did have a lot of stuff. And like a good scrapper, I bought a little. But as a former store owner, I need to support my LSS, who are moms and Grandmas just following their dreams. Sorry Archiver's, it's just my own personal view.

But, I've decided to only buy what I'm going to use right away......................................................sorry, that made me laugh so hard. Ok, I'm going to try to buy only what I'm going to use right away.

I bought a great piece of paper, only 1! And some Doodle Bug Stick With it aphabets,
a little bling from the Paper Company, a Dream stamp from see~d's, some clips by Simply Renee (I have an idea about sticker storage. more on Monday), some DoodleBug Fancy Frills, and..WAIT! I can't tell you, it's part of the May Kit!

And here's what I made.... a new insert for my clock. I wish I could unpack the cord to connect my camera to the were taken with my cell phone. It says...Time to Dream. It will go great with my new room. I have several of the clocks available to sell...just drop me a note.

I used the the Sugar glitter from DoodleBug to color the words..."time to", Stamped the dream sticker with Technique Tuesday ink spot, added Stickles...and of course...BLING! It is over the top girly.

Come on girls, I want to see your newest creations. Upload them to my gallery at and remember to

Keep Dreamin


Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Ok, I don't hate it...I just hate trying to figure out how to organize it. Do I put all my stickers together? Do I sort it my subject? Holiday? But what if it is a bear with a Christmas hat on...animals or Christmas?!?!?! I'm going crazy. I've bought the binders from The Organization Lady. ( They work great, but must be for someone who hasn't become a "collector"! And I'm still left with the question..holidays? manufacturers? colors? I can't get my ADD mind around it! I really could use some suggestions.

So here's a small challenge...leave a comment with your suggestions...
and we'll have a drawing.
The winner (by random drawing) will win a package of
Making Memories Velvet Star Brads.
But don't delay...contest will be over on Saturday, April 25, at 7:00 pm.

Back to my sorting. Don't forget to Keep Dreamin'


Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting Settled

It's the beginning of week 5, and I'm about to get settled in. Oh, the house has been settled for a couple of's the DreamRoom that is progressing. I am designing it so it fits MY needs. So I've been cautious of bringing anything out of the basement, until I have a workable place for it. Now, some things may just stay down there (It's a finished basement, not like the scary ones in older homes in Oklahoma). It is as big as half of the house, so there's plenty of space. So here's a picture of my work space....
It's a little blurry, but I took it with my cell. I bought legs, painted them apple green (what else?), and added them to the counter top. You may remember the counter top as the check-out counter in the store or as the work station in the last space. On the opposite wall, I have hung the magnetic boards vertically beside each other. A short stack of plastic paper holders sorts my cardstock into colors. Then I have the printer and computer on the desk next to all that. With the doors off of the closet, my 3 rolling carts with all my embellishments, glue, etc fit wonderfully next to my 30 plastic paper holders.
Ribbon hanging from clothes hangers (I clipped the end with a wire cutter, bent up a piece to hold the bottom wire. Instant ribbon holder!) and albums on the's scary how organized I've gotten. But then, with no friends, I have plenty of time!
I think I'm going to absolutely pour out inspiration from this room. The trundle bed fits on the far wall . I'll need the extra bed space when the girls come up in August for the ScrapBook Expo. With a window to bring in wonderful light, the only thing this space misses is my friends.
Well, there you have it....kinda long blog today...but finally some pictures. Girls, if I can get this organized, just think how your space can look. Send me pictures at our forum, or at my email, The first 5 to send me a will get a paper pack with 10 assorted papers in it. Thanks girls, and....

Keep Dreamin'

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So much new stuff...

well, not really. It's old stuff that I haven't seen in soooo long! I am starting out organized in my new space (a 12x10 spare room) and in the process of unpacking, I am finding paper I haven't seen in months! If you girls are lacking inspiration, go through a paper stack that you haven't touched in a while. Wow! I'm ready to crop....but my space isn't. Next week...I have high hopes.
If you are like me, you are wondering what to give for graduation gifts. I have 3 very important ones this spring (2 on the same night!). Money or a gift card springs to mind...but with some many companies going belly is safer.
Here's what you can do to make it more personal. I'd like to credit this idea from the blog of S.E.I. You can see their picture by clicking here. It is one of the many company blogs I follow. While this idea has been around for awhile, I just wanted you to see theirs, and maybe sign up for blg updates from them. They call it a tiny money holder. You can decorate it to match the graduate's style.
  • Cut a 6 ¼” x 2 ¾” piece of double sided paper
  • Score in from the edge 3” from each side, leaving a ¼” gutter in the center to create the spine of the book
  • Cut a 1 ¼” piece of paper (back), score in ½” from each side, leaving a ¼” gutter in the center• Attach the small piece to the larger piece, matching the gutters together• Fold cash in half, creasing each piece
  • Use ribbon to bind money to book, wrapping it around the spine and center fold of money, and knotting on the outside of the book

How simple...and cute. You can make your card and gift at the same time...just add sentiments! So get your tools out and start crafting. And remember....Keep Dreamin


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Stepping Out

I know in my last blog I said I have been doing lots of I'm visiting my first Local Scrapbook Store!! LSS for short. It is called Memories & Beyond. I can't wait. I've been setting up my room (it's looking great) all this week. I'm tired of setting up...I want to play! I think even Steve is ready for me to meet some scrap friends (I'm ruining his Beer & Rock-Roll Fridays by being home!)

We are having friends over for Easter Lunch...the Tulsa group & our friends Amy & Terry. I'm excited to have company. Again, too much alone time with hubby. As soon as my room is up and running, I'll have an escape from togetherness! (not that I'm not enjoying it, it is just an oddity in our lifestyle...rather nice)

Again, not much about scrapping, but soon. I'll have to tell you all about the new store tomorrow. Maybe I'll get to share a pic or two.

In the meantime......

Keep Dreamin

Saturday, April 04, 2009

At Home in Bolingbrook?

I'm not real sure of that title. But we are here, and almost settled in. It has been a woman's! We spent the entire first weekend shopping, yes Steve went. Into furniture stores, Best Buy, Target, Sears, Jewell Osco. We even ran into our friends David & Curtis (yes, Sally, even here I saw someone I knew out shopping!). Dinner out with them on Saturday night. It's a whole new world for me.
And I'm almost scrapping!! Ok, not really. But I have legs painted and on the counter top so I have a 7 x 5 workspace! Plus my computer desk. Now I just need to unpack MY boxes and settle in. The first Kit Of the Month should be ready to view the first week in May.
Speaking of the first week in May (Mother's Day Weekend & the following week), I will be in Sand Springs. Krista graduates from TCC, Erick graduates from OSU with his Masters, and my God-Child Carly will be graduating from high school. I can't stand to miss these 3 major events! So therefore, I should be available to crop on Saturday night, May 9, if you girls could find us a spot. We could do the first KOTM together!
I haven't found my USB cord yet, but as soon as I do, I'll give you a tour of my scrap room. I may even have a contest coming up... stay tuned and keep dreamin!