Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crop Till ya Drop

with your on-line friends! I belong to several on-line scrapbook forums. Memories Always Forever had an on-line crop this weekend. It was my first to participate in, but it was so much fun. The design team issued challenges, we played word scramble, bingo, and even had a scavenger hunt! I played all weekend, pretended I was away at a crop..stayed in my pj's and fluffy slippers. And got alot done! (I am so excited about all I am getting done, since I don't have to spend all my time with the store issuses) I showed you page 1 of my Mackinac layout, and now for page 2...
We had a sketch to go by, and in honor of Halloween, we were challenged to use "fear" somewhere in our layout. Well, that played directly into my hands...I had pictures of bridges, and fear of bridges! Ready to scrap!

It's not a really fabulous layout. But it is picture's of bridges! The upper right 2 pictures were standing at the base of the Mackinac Bridge..on the left side of the bridge was Lake Michigan and on the right side was Lake Huron! I thought it was neat the the Great Lakes are only divided by a bridge, and not a body of land. Really wouldn't that make it just one large lake? It makes sense to me! My story, below tells of my fear...hope you can read it.

I learned how to make a box out of cardstock this weekend also. I take some pics and try to post a tutorial on it tomorrow. Hope you gals got to crop this weekend. Check out some of the online communities....maybe even mine @
But for now...Keep Dreamin'

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall is in the air

Don't you just love fall? The crispness of the air, the new sweaters at Kohl's, and the leaves turning just makes me at peace. Yes, even the new sweaters at Kohl's, or any other store in fact! The colors and the knobby knits just make me want to want to snuggle up to a great book and fall asleep wrapped in their warmth.

And the leaves here are just getting spectacular. I know science can write off the reason for the change as a photosynthesis process, but I know it is just God playing with a paintbrush. He very intentionally gives us beauty so we can turn around and off Him the praise. So I do.

The first picture is the maple in our front yard. I took that picture about 3 weeks ago. Just to keep track of it.
My leaves are a little stubborn with turning. But it is coming along.The second picture is today, at approximately the same area of the tree.The picture is deceiving. The leaves look darker than the are because it is a very overcast day. And I zoomed in from the porch. (I can't walk in the yard with my Piggie houseshoes on! They'll get wet)

This last picture show the dew (rain?) on the leaves and a better look at the really changing of the leaves. Just magnificent!

I have lot's of time here to reflect on the changing of nature. And so do you. Keep your camera ready. In your car, in your purse, or on the table by the window. Leave 10 minutes early to that next meeting, soccor match, or event. Then pull off the road and take a picture of the leaves that take your breath away. Or the kids playing in the leaves. Or ducks on a pond. Stop and enjoy the things around you. They can become an embellishment on your next page, the front of a fall card, or the reason to start that mini album about your everyday life.

Oh, and while you are taking that extra 10 sure to Praise God for His majesty

Keep Dreamin'


Monday, October 12, 2009

Missing in Action

So, you may ask, where in the world have I been? Well, for one thing...not blogging! Duh! Like you didn't already know that. Sorry, I didn't mean to insult you...weak attempt at humor.

I have been busy scrapping a bit, finding my way around the western suburbs, a bit; went on a grown up vacation with my hubby and some friends! We went to Traverse City, Michigan, and it is a little slice of heaven on earth. I even have scrapped a page from our trip...

We went to Mackinac Island (oddly pronounced makinaw? an Indian name of some sort) toward the end of our week there. It's a beautiful motorized vehicles allowed. So you walk all around the island which is only 5 miles around. Or you can pay pay to ride in a horse drawn buggy. I really believe I would rather have the smell of car exhaust than that of horse "exhaust"! It was nauseating to me, and I grew up in Oklahoma farm country. The stench took away from how beautiful the water and homes there were. We retreated to the "sea shore" to escape the smell and busy-ness of downtown.

I also accepted a challenge from Laurie on DreamTalkin.ning to scrap a page without a picture.
I stumbled across some strawberry paper and had to tell my story about severe allergies. It was fun to do..glad I don't have pictures of my last attack, it was almost deadly.
If you aren't familiar with DreamTalkin, it is an attempt to start a social network to talk about scrapbooking. It is having a slow start, but at least I have a place to talk with my Oklahoma girls. Anyone is invited to join us..issue some challenges, etc.
And that is what I have been doing lately. I belong to about 3 (or is it 4?) scrapbook forums. We talk about our art, give each other kudos on layouts, and participate in challenges. I find it gives me the incentive to accomplish something in my craft. Everyday. Join up with one and start chatting.
I have another layout finished and I will put it on tomorrow...not next month, but tomorrow. Did you hear that Patty? Oh! I almost forgot..Mary, I have taken up knitting with a group of ladies at my new church here. I made a scarf!! A felted scarf. When it is fully shaped, I'll post it here Hope everyone is cropping and enjoying the wonderful fall weather. AND..
Keep Dreamin

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Starting my day with a Cause

As most of you know, I am a patriotic sap. I have always cried when I heard or sang "God Bless America" or "This is My Country" or "The Star Spangled Banner", even as a little child. I cry at most patriotic songs (not "This Land is my Land" don't get me started on that communistic song!) or stories. I took our kids to the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Tulsa almost every year. I stand proud when our flag goes by..all 200 or so in the parade. If I wore a hat, I removed it out of respect.
The Tulsa World Newspaper, everyday gives a blurb about our soldiers who have been killed overseas. I read it everyday (till this move to Chicago) and said a prayer for each mother, father, wife, or child who lost their loved one. They died for me.
THEN, my daughter joined the U.S. Navy. It was even worse. I got to feel those uncertainties other moms were feeling. She was always as "safe" as an American soldier can be in these times. But she was in the Indian Ocean on a little island during the tsunami, being belittled by men who didn't know her inner strength, had 2 birthdays pass without us seeing her, and, dang-it, she just wasn't at home. She married a Navy man who just completed 1 year in B'Harain, as shore patrol. (That's an island off Saudi Arabia, a potentially dangerous area)
So, my patriotism grew. And still grows.
At my local scrapbook store, we have a monthly card swap. One of our members has a nephew in Iraq. He works at a prison there and says it is 300 miles to the nearest place to buy cards for him to send his loved ones. So we are joining together to send cards of all kinds to our women & men overseas.
Please, won't you join us? We need thank yous to the soldiers, birthday (adult & children), anniversary, thinking of you, missing you, Halloween, Christmas, Hannakah, all occaisons. With envelopes so they can mail them to the states. You can start one at your local level or send them to my LSS, to be delivered with ours.
But you have to act quickly....holidays are coming up quickly. And things have to mailed well in advance to get them to those that can use them. If everyone can make 10 cards (face it, you have that many extra in your swap stash, don't you?) and box them up to Annette by the next 2 weeks (I think she wants to send them by the 15th) we could have a great package to help show them how we much we care. If you don't make cards, go buy several .99 ones to mail.
Just because our military isn't in the news as much anymore (what a shame...), they are still all over the world. Fighting, guarding, patroling to keep us safe. There were local guard members that just got back from over there on the news last night. To see them hugging their loved ones for the first time in 6 months. One man got to meet and hold his 7 week old baby for the first time yesterday. And then there was the one who will never get to hold his again....
You guessed it...I cried. Physically and spiritually.
Take time to support our military. They are supporting us with their lives.

Please mail cards to : Scrapbook Junction
524 W. Mondamin
Minooka, IL 60447
Or your local chapter of Blue Star Mothers
Keep The Dream Alive

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Getting back into a groove

Ok, I have been so out of it lately. I was exhausted by the rush of family & friends. Then I was sad...I don't like not seeing my grandsons & friends. But THEN I discovered a secret. Ok not a secret. It was something that was there for everyone, including me, to see. I don't know why I didn't see it before. It wasn't hidden at all.
Oh, sorry. Want to know what "it" is? We have been here almost 6 months! Only 2 1/2 years to go! So, with that realization, I got busy cropping. Cause I'll be so busy with grands when I move home, that there won't be time to catch up!

So, I did a layout at crop Friday night for Slick's 1st birthday. I know she is 25! But it's never too late to start. And now that I'm confessing, I have to confess that I'm afraid of the big circles so many people are using. I never feel I "do them" correctly. But I stepped out of the zone and did it anyway. I like it.
I used part of a kit that I got from Memory Works. It is from a company called Collage Press. (Sweet Shoppe Collection) It had enough papers, embellishments and stickers to make 4 layouts...and I only paid $19.99! (Shameless plug, but check out my Memory Works site,[click here] they are clearancing everything to get ready for new catalogue...great bargains) It will have a journal block, but I try not to put my journaling out on the web. The pink is not really that vivid, in real life. Almost a little salmon colored.
The chipboard "1st" was from a Basic Grey numbers kit. I covered it in a scrap leftover from another layout. The circle was a punchout from the kit, as was the circle in lower right. I inked the edges of both to make them not wash out into the background paper.

Never quite satisfied, I dug through my bling and added pale pink & white bling to the dots on the circle. Really girly!

The second page was fun to play with. I covered the Grungeboard alphabets with paper from the kit. They were a bit small for that and it was a challenge not to rip them. Regular chipboard would have ripped, but the Grungeboard is very sturdy. Thanks Tim Holtz!
I cut the cupcake circles out of one of the paper and mounted them on a double mat of brown & then pink, as are the photos.

Then I added paper to the chipboard "cupcake" and glued to layout. The frosting was in the same brown as the mats and I popped it up with dots. I plan to put some bugle beads on it, to make it look like candy confetti. But I have to buy some first!

THEN, as if this wasn't all enough...I flocked my cherry and stem! I wish you could feel it! I used Crushed Velvet Flock by doodlebug designs. (Also purchased from Memory Works). They make a "Stick With It" adhesive, but it says on the back you can use your favorite glue pen or double sided tape. I used ZipDry that I rubbed around with my finger to cover it entirely. I've learnd you have to press the flock firmly to get a good bond. I think it turned out great. Can't wait to use the flock on Christmas cards.I know this was long. I don't write often enough, but when I do, I just get carried away! Hope to be seeing some of your work in the Dream Talkin' Forum. And until then...

Keep Dreamin'

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scrapbook Expo

This last weekend was the Scrapbook Expo at St Charles. Patty, Sally, Krista & the twins drove all the way from Oklahoma to go with me. To say we had fun would be an understatement! They arrived on Wednesday evening here in Illinois. Thursday, it was a trip to Chicago on the train. We did Navy Pier, The Hancock Building, and took the Trolly. We were very tired kids. Friday morning the Expo started with a class from SEI at 9 am. If you ever have a chance to take an SEI class, do it. They are full of techniques and they give you TONS of products. We did a 2 page layout with a mini album on one side and a squash book on the other. I'll get a picture up tomorrow.
Shopping was good at the venders fair. We saw our Oklahoma friend Howard Doss running his Scrap-Mart booth. They were one of the busiest booths there. And the best place on-line to buy Quickutz, Sizzix, & other die-cutting products. (mmm, I pre-ordered some Slice cartridges that should be in soon...)
The crop was a bust, when it came to door had 7 double-sided Oriental paper, a rub-on page with farm animal words in English & in Spanish (when will I ever use that?) & a page of card stock stickers. No bling, no flowers, no extras. We met ladies at another table who said it was the exact same kit as last year... But we had fun cropping and met a couple of girls who live close to me.
Saturday's classes included a mini album made with Basic Grey's Lemonade to put my "bucket list" in, a water layout made with the Snorkle line from Cosmo Cricket that we used flock to make the waves look frothy, and a 525,600 minutes album, using Everafter - also a Cosmo Cricket line. Our teacher Susan Keuter made this album after her Grandma died. She said, at the last days of Grandma's life, they watched Rent (hence the title) and they spent time talking about the little things is life. And how important it is to embrace those times and share them with those we love. She made hers totally with pictures off her cell phone...those impromptu, silly moments of REAL LIFE! It is almost more of a journal to document the important, everyday things of our lives. It turned out beautiful! (If you haven't seen the movie Rent, do so this weekend. Get past the outward things in the movie and listen to the "heart" of it. I wept and Slick & I hugged each other. )
After an all night crop at my house and about 3 hours sleep, we took another tour of Chicago. This time by car, stopping when we got to Millinium Park, Wrigley Field, & Hard Rock Cafe & RainForest Cafe. It was a great time, but we were all exhausted.
I'll start adding some scrapping stuff to my blog starting tomorrow...I promise. I know you don't want to just learn about what I had for breakfast. I'm going to an all day fundraiser crop for MS in September, and may even teach a class at it. And don't forget that Scrap Pink is coming up. Let's support these great causes and crop at the same time.
I hear Lisa is hosting a ScrapPink Crop at the new store location for Tops-n-Crops. If you haven't been in to see the new crop area, you have to go. She has 2 rooms for cropping! So now she can host a crop and a private party at the same time! And it has a kitchenette, to keep your drinks cold and for snackage! Please, if you aren't in Sand Springs, support your Local Scrapbook Store (LSS) before the big box stores.

AND, Keep Dreaming

Friday, July 31, 2009

Card Swap

Ok, it's been a quiet week here on my blog...but I was busy creating. One of my LSS ( I have 4 locally..scrapbook heaven!) has a card swap every month. Annette usually has about 12 girls participate. So I made 13 cards, 12 to swap and one to the LSS. She sells them in the store, it's her price for letting us play. So in a couple of weeks, I'll have 12 cards to send out...this month's theme is "Friendship" Enough is my card with instructions.....

Here are my products:

Bazzill Bling in 24 Karate (8.5x11)

K & Co Margo Blue applique Roses Glitter Paper

Beige cardstock of choice

Aqua Velvet ribbon (1/4" wide)

Sizzox Die "Top Note" (this was a special made for Stampin Up only, but any such die wous work. It is approx. 3 1/4 x 4 1/4)

Color Box Cats Eye Liquid Chalk in Charcoal

Cut Bazzil cardsto in half (5 1/2 x 8/12)Fold in half & score . Bling is heavy, so use caution not to rip or wrinkle.

Cut a piece of beige cardstock 3 1/2 x 4 1/2. Print "Your Friendship on lower part of title block as shown. I used CK Retrospect for my font, but use your favorite.

Softly ink edges of card, as shown. (note: I rarely use my ink pad directly on a you run the chance of having a teardrop shape on the edge and two, it destroys the felt. I use a cheap makeup triangle, dipped in ink. The risk of "hard edges" is almost eliminated ) DON"T GLUE DOWN YET!!!

With Rose Paper & die, cut out 1 shape. Cut this shape in half as shown.

Glue to title card along top. I had to trim a tiny little bit off each side.

Glue to front of card, being careful to center. I tied a simple overhand knot in the left end of ribbon. Using Glue Dots Continuous Line makes it simple to put down ribbon. (I love my ZipDry for everything else..)
I typed the rest of the sentiment "lightens every burden and makes the sun shine brighter" on beige cardstock. Inked edges and glued to inside...annnnddddd.

TaDaa!! A great card for a swap or for a special friend. Girls, we don't get to collect these like we do stickers....brighten someone's day. This week in fact.
And Keep Dreamin

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July Kit

Well, Friday night was a great night at crop. I cropped for the first time at Scrapbook Junction in Minooka, IL. I met a few new ladies (might even make a fewfriends) and was able to get a couple of pages finished. I used the July MW Express Kit and worked some more on our trip home from Maine (2007!)

I had to pick some different cardstock than what was in the package, cause I wanted to use both the same color. I used the "postcards" that were in the kit. So they didn't just look like cardstock mats, I dirtied the edges, stamped some postage items on it (did I say the acrylic stamps were included? Really cute!), and drew journal lines. I used a ruler and a Zig Marker, but there are several stamps out there with journal lines. On the left one, I wrote it as if I was mailing a postcard home and the right one I just journaled about the cute motel. The title "From Maine to New York" was made with arrow (included) a strip off the liscense tag paper (included) , rub ons, a chipboard plaque covered in blue dot paper (included) and a NY liscense plate. The Journal block was in the kit, as was the darling "map" flowers. I dirtied them up with cat's eye chalk in the burnt sienna. The striped paper is so brilliant, that I had to use it! The mats are the blue & tan dot from the back of the stripe.

I still have many papers, embellishments, & journal blocks left. One page has old-fashioned bicycles on it. I have a great idea for that.. The papers are from Little Yellow Bicycle, Making Memories, and Graphic 45.

There are still kits left for sale. Check it out at my MemoryWorks Web Site.

Hope to see some of your layouts in the forum,

And. . .
Keep Dreamin

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pink Nickels: BLOG CANDY ALERT!!!!

Ok, see I was surfing the MemoryWorks Message Board (yes, you too can go in there and read what's going on in the scrapbook world), and I followed a link by one of the girls. For all you bloggers, you need to check this out. And because I know so many of you don't blog, but you read them...check this out. In addition to just the contest and FREE product (follow the rules, they'll show you how to enter) she has some great tips and ideas. And links to even more blogs...that's how we learn things...reading and then doing. Check it out! Pink Nickels: BLOG CANDY ALERT!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Monday

I don't have any scrapbooking to talk about today! I spent my weekend preparing for VBS at my friend Amy's church, Steve & I went to a local town festival Saturday late afternoon, church on Sunday, the neighbor dog's birthday (it was sooooo cute) and then the kickoff of VBS!
I will elaborate a bit more on Zorro's birthday. Tori had balloons and ribbons with paw prints on it decorating the deck. She went on-line and found a "doggy cake", made with honey, carrots & peanut butter. Buddy scarfed it up! And instead of ice cream, they had frozen doggie yogurt. Again, it was a hit with my Buddy. Seems afterall, that he likes junk food!!
They have a little tiny, tiny Yorkie, Mia, who was dressed up in a cheer outfit! When she walked the little skirt was too cute. It was a great party with a total of 6 dogs..lots of sniffing and ear licking, but no fights. It's unusual to go to a birthday party without one of the kids fighting...or crying. Thanks for such a fun time.
I'm going to start creating something with my new July MemoryWorks kit this afternoon, so I'll be sure to post some pics. And my stamping up! order should be in by Wednesday. So much to get excited about.
Don't forget to hop over to DreamTalkin.ning to see the 100 Scrapbook inspirations that I've posted. I'll be giving you 10 a week for 10 weeks. They will have challenges attatched with them, so get busy. I'll pick a random name on Sunday for each challenge I pick...and someone will recieve a little prize. Be sure to sign in and post them on your page. See you at DreamTalkin

And Keep Dreamin


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Buddy's first Party Invitation

Ok, girls. This is just too cute and I had to share it! My neighbors have 3 dogs..Zeus, Zorro, & Mia. In our mailbox today, this is what we received..not Steve & I, but Buddy got mail! It is a cute origami puppy, complete with tags that say "Buddy".
The paper rolled up in his mouth was the invitation to Zorro's Birthday party! And now the dilema, what do you get the dog that has everything? A tie? Cologne? Gift card to PetCo? Buddy & I are going today to pick out something special. I mainly wanted to post this so you could see other fun things to do with your paper crafting. Hope you gals get to crop some this weekend. Don't forget to check the Forums for the 100 Scrapbooking inspirations. Starts Monday. Get inspired and get showing your projects.

Keep Dreamin

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's been a long time since I have been this excited about a kit. On National Scrapbook Day, MemoryWorks (the new company I'm an independent sales consultant with) had a flash like this. A Mega Kit. So, I scooped up 4 kits(for myself, Patty, Sally & Crystal) thinking it was a good deal. When the kit came..WOW!!! So much stuff, and not unrelated stuff like you get with other companies. It all coordinates. So here's your opportunity to get the newest one...but don't think too long....they will be gone.

$100 Retail Value - MW Price Only $29.95*
This kit contains 34 sheets of 12x12 double-sided cardstock paper plus over 270
mix & match accessory pieces including titles, journaling cards, die-cuts, and

Purchase the "29th Street Market Kit
today . . .
and you will receive, via e-mail, 3 projects patterns to use with your kit...FREE!!

Quick Links...
Our Website-

Our Products

Contact Information
918-857-1989 or in Illinois 630-955-0653


* $29.95 does not include shipping & handling charges. It does include 3 free project plans, if purchased only through Dreams & Memories Scrapbooks, Independent Consultant #MW233937

*Promotional Disclaimer: Offer good only while supplies last. Promotional kit is limited to a first come, first serve basis. All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges accepted on promotional offer.

Girls, this is a great offer. Sign up today.

And keep Dreamin'

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Boy

I have a friend Marie, whom I haven't seen in ages, who was young and had no children. But she loved to scrapbook. Soooo, she did layouts of her little dog. Did I say layouts? I meant entire albums of her dog. The puppy is an adorable little thing. And takes a great picture. Marie kept nagging me and nagging me to get more dog items in the store. Well, I didn't...probably just to annoy her! Anyway, I hope Marie is reading this blog...cause I have done my First Dog Layout! I have always had a dog or 3, but I just never had all this time on my hands. Time to really get to know them, never be parted from them (when I shower, he sits right by the shower door!), and NEVER was I going to do a dog layout!
So here is my dog layout. I'm in love with this guy... The only thing that would make him better is if he could talk with me and had opposable thumbs. I have entered this into a sketch challenge at a LSS.

I had some metallic blue cardstock from one of those paper packs. The kit was from Cloud 9, embellisment was Jolee's, and the name alphas are from Making Memories. They are felt, gives a great texture to the page. I found a paw print pattern on-line (I googled 'free paw print pattern"), and cut it out of tan & black cardstock (stamping up!). I popped up the "T" and , as usual, inked the edges of the tan paw. A little journaling and alphabet rub-ons on pg2 and it was done. I did it while watching the Home Run Derby on Monday and the All Star Game on Tuesday. Scrapbooking and Baseball...doesn't get much better than that!

Starting Monday in the DreamTalkin Forum, I'm starting 100 Inspirations. I found the list in Jessica Spragues' blog archives. She did 100 in 10...100 inspirations in 10 days. I think that overwhelmes me, so I'm going to do the list over 10 weeks. And for every one of the inspirations you pick up, run with, and post a layoutor project using, will get your name in the random drawing for a gift. We start over every Sunday, so that should give every one a chance to enter to win. I know that Patty keeps winning the layout contests at Top-n-Crops every month. Let's give her some competition here, OK?
Have a great weekend. there is an on-line blog at that has crop challenges this weekend. Christmas in July Crop. Lot's of challenges already started..some free templates, new card ideas & give-aways. I'm plugging in, mostly because I need to scrap, but also I want to challenge myself to get some things done. Oh, and did I say there were prizes? I love those too.
Since I'm not in Oklahoma anymore, I need to hear from you on-line. Get some cropping done and....

Keep Dreamin'

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No More Excuses!

I know, I really suck as a blogger. You would think, WAY UP NORTH WITH NO FRIENDS that I would have all the time in the world to sit at this computer and just type a little story..or 2. But for some reason, my heart hasn't been in it. BUT I am going to try it again. I would love to have several followers here we go. A new post.

Life in Bolingbrook is anything but boring. Why this week alone I've:
1. Been to the grocery store
2. Took clothes to the dry cleaner

3. Walked the dog and met a new neighbor (more about that later)

4. Watched the HomeRun Derby (men in uniform...what's not to like?)

5. Watered the garden and pulled a few weeds.
And it's only Tuesday. Just imagine what the week ahead has in store...vacuming, dusting, cooking! But I have been sneaking in scrapbooking also. Steve is my new cropping buddy, as I've set up a tv tray in the family we can be together (you know how much he likes that! no, seriously he does, makes me crazy!) So since I've been cropping, what have I been doing, I hear you ask. I'm sad cause you don't really want to hear about my exciting life here in the frigid north {57 degrees right now! I'm writing this with my windows closed and my hoodie on!}

As some of you know, I've started "selling" from a company named MemoryWorks.
We sell alot of the name brand things you can find in any store...BasicGrey, Making Memories, Seven Qypsies, Cosmo Cricket, and more. The reason I put " around selling is because, I'm not selling much, only buying. (But if you want to shop, click on the link above and shop away) Anyway, they have a killer kit of the month, and I've been playing with it. The first one I got had tons of birthday themed stuff in it. it all coordinated, so all I had to add on these layout was stickles, adhesives, and a journaling stamp


I decided to do my first birthday...couldn't call it a party..there was no presents..

Pics are needing to be resized before adding. I plan to put one larger one on the 1st page and 2 smaller ones on the cream matting. A sketch (downloaded from the MemoryWorks site) was the basis for both pages. I just turned the sketch one time to get a different look.

The Bingo Cards are from Jenni Bowlin , and come in large as seen here (5x7) or in small (2x3) . It worked out that my actuall birthdate was on my cards, so I circled them with (what else?) lime green stickles. The cupcake top and bottom are chipboard which I glued paper with my ModPodge, and sanded the edges using my Basic Grey Precision File Set (only $7., pg 55 of our book). The small files make it so easy to get into the tight corners. I inked everything, of course with Color Box Fluid Chalk in dark brown. Use a light touch, cause you can easy get it too dark. I popped the "frosting" up with pop dots. I love a little dimension.

See, I don't write often, but when I do, I can't shut up!! The July kit just came in the mail yesterday, and I can't wait to dig into it. It is about travel, vacation. Go to my site to look at it: It's too late for this month, but you can let me know and I'll subscribe you for August. I can't wait for mine to come in.

Don't forget to go to our forum, DreamTalkin.ning, sign up and lets start sharing ideas and pics.

In the meantime...Keep Dreamin'

Friday, May 01, 2009

Well, as promised I wanted to share the other layout I did on Saturday...sorry it took a week.
Yes, I know, the twins weren't even one yet! But all things get done in due time! I used the Pine Cone Press Paper...matted the pictures in lime green AND black, but very thin...just to pop the pics off the very busy background. I cut the letters on my Cricut with the George font. Big ghost was laser cut at "Crops, Paper, Scissors" my new LSS. It's for journaling...get to it this weekend...I promise. I added some Halloween buttons from my stash. Easy, quick & fun. Just like scrapbooking should be.
Did you know that there is more than one holiday today? Sure it's May Day, but it is also Mother goose Day. So today's challenge is to create a layout using Mother Goose characters. (If you haven't the paper for this...use a part of one of her nursery rhymes on your layout). I've got some vintage Daisy d's paper for my random choice. Post it by Monday, at 6:00 p.m. to be entered.
Hope you take part in National Scrapbook Day this weekend, and if not....Keep dreamin

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ok, I'm not one to whine (wait! yes I am!), but enough of this moving! I don't want to unpack anymore.

On Saturday I went to a great all day crop. It was at Crops, Paper, Scissors & More in Plainfield, IL. The owners there couldn't be any nicer. Their "specialty" is making lazer cut items. I was working on a layout for Erick's graduation, and Debbie cut out the white letters & words for me. (I can show it cause I know he doesn't follow my blog)I

It's hard to see, but in the lower right corner, under the silver Embossed "What Next?" I put an arrow on a spring, with the rub -on "Dream Big" on it. The paper & pop-up were from the Paper Company. Why 2 different schools? Why don't the pages match? Ok, Erick is graduating from OSU (Oklahoma State) with his Masters. Then in the fall he is going to OU School of Law, to hopefully finish up his schooling (something tells me he won't be happy till he has his Doctorate!). We are very proud. Since he does crop with us, he can add a picture & stick it in his album.
I did another layout also, but I'll save that to publish tomorrow. Hope you Dreamers are cropping, cause I'm not seeing any layouts posted on the DreamTalkin' forum. Get out that paper and adhesive....and Keep Dreamin'

Friday, April 24, 2009

I DID IT! While I said I wouldn't, I did IT anyway. I can't believe it. I was just so bored and IT was just there whenever I went to the furniture store, to Steve's work, shopping...IT was just taunting me, tempting me to come in. So I did IT.

"IT" was going into Archivers for the first time. There is one not 5 miles from the house. I wasn't going to go in, because, like Michael's or Hobby Lobby, they buy at a greater bulk, so of course they have everything. And can afford big discounts, because they buy it much less than your LSS. This one had more clearance products than my entire store inventory. And yes, they did have a lot of stuff. And like a good scrapper, I bought a little. But as a former store owner, I need to support my LSS, who are moms and Grandmas just following their dreams. Sorry Archiver's, it's just my own personal view.

But, I've decided to only buy what I'm going to use right away......................................................sorry, that made me laugh so hard. Ok, I'm going to try to buy only what I'm going to use right away.

I bought a great piece of paper, only 1! And some Doodle Bug Stick With it aphabets,
a little bling from the Paper Company, a Dream stamp from see~d's, some clips by Simply Renee (I have an idea about sticker storage. more on Monday), some DoodleBug Fancy Frills, and..WAIT! I can't tell you, it's part of the May Kit!

And here's what I made.... a new insert for my clock. I wish I could unpack the cord to connect my camera to the were taken with my cell phone. It says...Time to Dream. It will go great with my new room. I have several of the clocks available to sell...just drop me a note.

I used the the Sugar glitter from DoodleBug to color the words..."time to", Stamped the dream sticker with Technique Tuesday ink spot, added Stickles...and of course...BLING! It is over the top girly.

Come on girls, I want to see your newest creations. Upload them to my gallery at and remember to

Keep Dreamin


Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Ok, I don't hate it...I just hate trying to figure out how to organize it. Do I put all my stickers together? Do I sort it my subject? Holiday? But what if it is a bear with a Christmas hat on...animals or Christmas?!?!?! I'm going crazy. I've bought the binders from The Organization Lady. ( They work great, but must be for someone who hasn't become a "collector"! And I'm still left with the question..holidays? manufacturers? colors? I can't get my ADD mind around it! I really could use some suggestions.

So here's a small challenge...leave a comment with your suggestions...
and we'll have a drawing.
The winner (by random drawing) will win a package of
Making Memories Velvet Star Brads.
But don't delay...contest will be over on Saturday, April 25, at 7:00 pm.

Back to my sorting. Don't forget to Keep Dreamin'


Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting Settled

It's the beginning of week 5, and I'm about to get settled in. Oh, the house has been settled for a couple of's the DreamRoom that is progressing. I am designing it so it fits MY needs. So I've been cautious of bringing anything out of the basement, until I have a workable place for it. Now, some things may just stay down there (It's a finished basement, not like the scary ones in older homes in Oklahoma). It is as big as half of the house, so there's plenty of space. So here's a picture of my work space....
It's a little blurry, but I took it with my cell. I bought legs, painted them apple green (what else?), and added them to the counter top. You may remember the counter top as the check-out counter in the store or as the work station in the last space. On the opposite wall, I have hung the magnetic boards vertically beside each other. A short stack of plastic paper holders sorts my cardstock into colors. Then I have the printer and computer on the desk next to all that. With the doors off of the closet, my 3 rolling carts with all my embellishments, glue, etc fit wonderfully next to my 30 plastic paper holders.
Ribbon hanging from clothes hangers (I clipped the end with a wire cutter, bent up a piece to hold the bottom wire. Instant ribbon holder!) and albums on the's scary how organized I've gotten. But then, with no friends, I have plenty of time!
I think I'm going to absolutely pour out inspiration from this room. The trundle bed fits on the far wall . I'll need the extra bed space when the girls come up in August for the ScrapBook Expo. With a window to bring in wonderful light, the only thing this space misses is my friends.
Well, there you have it....kinda long blog today...but finally some pictures. Girls, if I can get this organized, just think how your space can look. Send me pictures at our forum, or at my email, The first 5 to send me a will get a paper pack with 10 assorted papers in it. Thanks girls, and....

Keep Dreamin'

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So much new stuff...

well, not really. It's old stuff that I haven't seen in soooo long! I am starting out organized in my new space (a 12x10 spare room) and in the process of unpacking, I am finding paper I haven't seen in months! If you girls are lacking inspiration, go through a paper stack that you haven't touched in a while. Wow! I'm ready to crop....but my space isn't. Next week...I have high hopes.
If you are like me, you are wondering what to give for graduation gifts. I have 3 very important ones this spring (2 on the same night!). Money or a gift card springs to mind...but with some many companies going belly is safer.
Here's what you can do to make it more personal. I'd like to credit this idea from the blog of S.E.I. You can see their picture by clicking here. It is one of the many company blogs I follow. While this idea has been around for awhile, I just wanted you to see theirs, and maybe sign up for blg updates from them. They call it a tiny money holder. You can decorate it to match the graduate's style.
  • Cut a 6 ¼” x 2 ¾” piece of double sided paper
  • Score in from the edge 3” from each side, leaving a ¼” gutter in the center to create the spine of the book
  • Cut a 1 ¼” piece of paper (back), score in ½” from each side, leaving a ¼” gutter in the center• Attach the small piece to the larger piece, matching the gutters together• Fold cash in half, creasing each piece
  • Use ribbon to bind money to book, wrapping it around the spine and center fold of money, and knotting on the outside of the book

How simple...and cute. You can make your card and gift at the same time...just add sentiments! So get your tools out and start crafting. And remember....Keep Dreamin


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Stepping Out

I know in my last blog I said I have been doing lots of I'm visiting my first Local Scrapbook Store!! LSS for short. It is called Memories & Beyond. I can't wait. I've been setting up my room (it's looking great) all this week. I'm tired of setting up...I want to play! I think even Steve is ready for me to meet some scrap friends (I'm ruining his Beer & Rock-Roll Fridays by being home!)

We are having friends over for Easter Lunch...the Tulsa group & our friends Amy & Terry. I'm excited to have company. Again, too much alone time with hubby. As soon as my room is up and running, I'll have an escape from togetherness! (not that I'm not enjoying it, it is just an oddity in our lifestyle...rather nice)

Again, not much about scrapping, but soon. I'll have to tell you all about the new store tomorrow. Maybe I'll get to share a pic or two.

In the meantime......

Keep Dreamin

Saturday, April 04, 2009

At Home in Bolingbrook?

I'm not real sure of that title. But we are here, and almost settled in. It has been a woman's! We spent the entire first weekend shopping, yes Steve went. Into furniture stores, Best Buy, Target, Sears, Jewell Osco. We even ran into our friends David & Curtis (yes, Sally, even here I saw someone I knew out shopping!). Dinner out with them on Saturday night. It's a whole new world for me.
And I'm almost scrapping!! Ok, not really. But I have legs painted and on the counter top so I have a 7 x 5 workspace! Plus my computer desk. Now I just need to unpack MY boxes and settle in. The first Kit Of the Month should be ready to view the first week in May.
Speaking of the first week in May (Mother's Day Weekend & the following week), I will be in Sand Springs. Krista graduates from TCC, Erick graduates from OSU with his Masters, and my God-Child Carly will be graduating from high school. I can't stand to miss these 3 major events! So therefore, I should be available to crop on Saturday night, May 9, if you girls could find us a spot. We could do the first KOTM together!
I haven't found my USB cord yet, but as soon as I do, I'll give you a tour of my scrap room. I may even have a contest coming up... stay tuned and keep dreamin!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well, girls...this is the last blog for a little while. The packers come tomorrow, Wednesday, and pack it all up. I dare say I am almost ready for them. There is so much left to do. (since we're not selling our house, we can always pick it up on one of our visits) Then on Thursday, the movers come, load it all on their big truck, and haul it torwards Bolingbrook. I can't believe it is time.
I'm not going to be sad in my journal today. Because my true friends here in Oklahoma have already gotten plans in place for an August visit. (My family also) And my online friends and I will just be separated until I get a bit of packing undone....then we'll be in contact again. I can't tell you how many great scrapbooking friends I've made with my blog....from all over the US and abroad.
Isn't technology great??!!!
So I'll say farewell for now, and when I get back on, you'll be excited to learn of my plans for kits of the month, sharing techniques, challenges for prizes!! If I can't be there to challenge you in person, then someone has to do it on the road!
Speaking of challenges, I get daily challenges from FeedBlitz. The one I'm reading (But not participating in cause all my scrap stuff is boxed up!) is 365 cards! A new card challenge EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!!! She gives prizes for playing AND you get to see some great cards. You need to check it out if you aren't already receiving it.
I love you gals and until I get back with you...
Keep Dreamin

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nothing really to write about

Ok, how can I be so busy and have nothing to say? At least nothing about scrapbooking, and this is supposed to be a scrapbooking blog. But it has been almost a MONTH since I last wrote. And yes, I've gotten my room clean enough to reach the computer! YEAH!!!
I've started putting together a plan on what to do in the frigid north... I know you dreamers will get excited about it! I am going to start an online store of sorts (more about that when it gets in place), but more importantly....I'll be starting up the kit of the month club.
I'm really excited about it, but don't want to let out too many details yet.
Meanwhile, have you gotten your newest copy of Scrapbooks, Ect? Got mine yesterday and have almost read it all (maybe not read it all, but looked at all the pictures and read some of it!). There is a great article about making stencils with your die cutting machine, an article about the Slice by Making Memories ( I still have one on my shelf for sale...the price will be good!), and a story about "smart storage solutions"! I can't tell you more or else I'd be breaking copyright go out and buy a copy today! Hurry!!! Great stuff!!
I've started a scrapbook forum for's still a little basic, but will get better with time, and more members. It will be where I start my on-line classes (oops, that was a secret). the address for it . There is a gallery set up, for challenges to come, a chat space, and your own page. I enjoy going to some of the larger rooms, why not have my own with all my friends? Check it out and join us.
well, gonna run and get some more sorting done. You should see this room! Maybe I'll find time to show you tomorrow. But for now

Keep Dreamin

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Finally back to Scrapbooking

Well, I've found a house to live in, emptied out my stuff from the store front, (I refuse to write about that cause it will just make me sad again), began organizing all the stuff from a 1300 sf store into a 12x18 room, and also began the hard task of "what are we taking to Bolingbrook with us"? Oh, and preparing for my last official Dream Weekend Scrapbook Retreat!
I have enough going on to fill 5 peoples calendars...but I keep plugging, One Event at a Time.

Sunday at church (Healing Grace Ministries in Tulsa), Pastor called me up and they presented me with a certificate of thanks for my work with the youth (Holy Dorks). It's a great plaque. Lisa had gotten hers last week, while we were in Chicago. It was a surprise and, as usual, I cried. It has been such an honor to work with, play with & pray with all my yute in the last 7 years. I know they will never be replaced in my heart. Hey kids, watch this and hold my b....

Well, Monday Alice called to let me know she talked with her Aunt who works at the camp we are having our retreat at....and because of the ice storm, the camp has no electricity! NOOOO! I got on the phone and frantically called them. Sure enough, no juice, we have no place to retreat to. Hmmmm. Patty and I began scouring the internet for places on Tuesday. Wow there are some nice places in eastern Oklahoma to stay...Wait!...that's where the power is out. Then I remembered that Camp Egan is part of the Methodist church and they have a site in Hinton, called Canyon Camp. A phone call to the nicest people, and we have a weekend getaway! It's a little further to drive (50 miles west of OKC) but I'm so glad we have a place. I don't think my heart could've taken not getting to retreat with the girls, one last time. This has all been very tough.

So, we're off to retreat tomorrow. I've got so much planned for them..wait I can't tell you cause they read this. I promise to let you all know. I am introducing a new "fad" to them. I know it will be something that they (and you gals) will love. CAN'T WAIT!!!

I'll check back in with you on Sunday night, show you some pics, tell some fun stories, share the new technique, you know....Dreamer Stuff.

Keep Dreamin'

Pammie Kay

Friday, January 30, 2009

A Place to Lay my Head

Well, we've done! After looking at almost 20 homes or condos...we put in an application for one!!! Yea! It is nice, newer (1997) and spacious. It's going to be about a 30 minute drive for Steve to work. It backs up to a local golf course...not too far from groceries, etc. I'm excited! Girls, it has a 3/4 basement for cropping!! Here's the pics that we have...

The Kitchen..the blue stripe has been replaced with all white. There is a nice ledge over the island and the family room (right) is actually in the same room. (From this pic, the island is just to the left of the pics, behind the squatty chairs.

It has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. The master bedroom, below, is flooded with light! It will help keep the winter depression down, I hope. It is massive, so as you can tell, we will have a nice sitting area in there also. The master bath has no door! It is open to the bedroom. A double sink, large shower, and a separate toilet is really going to spoil me. And the closet!!!OMG!!! It is almost 8 x 8!! If we were younger...a person could almost turn it into a nursery!
In the laundry room, there is a space large enough for Buddy's crate and a laundry folding table. I can't wait for you all to come visit, so I can show it off.

Now, if we could just figure out how to take all our family and would be the perfect house. Our agent was the best and showed us some wonderful houses. Now to get everything up here and settled in.. I might get to do some scrapbooking, June at least.
Gotta go, Our plane leaves around 3 and we want to see if we can find the house on our own..without the agent's help!
If you haven't been reading the blogs about all the new products...get with it and
Keep Dreamin

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Wow! It's cold here. We arrived on Saturday afternoon to the swankiest hotel (Hotel Arista) I've ever been in. I can lay in my marble soaking tub and watch tv on the mirror! Yes, you read that right. The tv is built into the mirror. I have my own personal robe, they turn back the beds, set up a tray of water, turn the radio on a soft channel and the lights down low. That is the way we are greeted in our room after returning from dinner! Nice.

House hunting is a lot of fun. We saw houses, condos, and townhouses with our agent on Sunday. Yesterday I went out on my own to view apartments. I took a wrong turn and ended up in a bad part of Aurora. It was a little unnerving. But I had my map and got through it. Today I'm going out with Julie again, to look at more. We found a few that really interested us, but the search continues.

Hey!! Have you been to any of the scrapbook sites to see the new things that are being released at CHA this week? Wow SEI has some great lines...they are fresh and cheery. A good thing on this dreary day. To check them out on their website, click here.

And of course, the Basic Grey line is always a hit. The new one on their website called Porcelain is soft with the browns, Line Rickey is bright and summery (my fav colors all in one kit!) and the Marrakech line is mandarins, blues, and even some teal in it. Check out these products...let me know what you think.

So, go hunting...find some items you want to have your hands on. I'll see if I can't arrange it..I have ways of doing these things.

I have to tell you about the scrapbook space one of the houses is just for me! Two of the walls are painted mod orange. (I'd say physodelic, but I don't know how to spell it!) It's a small room, 9x9, but it has a great window in it. I can see me all set up in it, making kits for you guys. Can't wait to get my new venture started.

I've started a forum page, so we can start talking back and forth to each other. I will link it to my website, so you can shop, learn techniques, gab about latest products, win free know kinda like on We Scrap or the URL for it is So far there are only 2 of us on it...but I have make it public so anyone can join. Be sure to read the profile infor carefully, so your email address is not made public to everyone. I'll administer those as people sign up, and send you a blast if you forget to check it. Just trying to keep the spammers out.
I had a group on yahoo and somehow spammers got it (there is not much security on yahoo, and that is part of it). So I've worked hard and read all the fine print with this company. It should be safe...but on the web nothing is. You don't have to worry about me selling your addresses...I wouldn't know the first thing about it! I work with scissors and glue...this techy stuff is over my head.

Well, gonna run. I want to check out more new products...going to Fancy Pants, BoBunny, Making Memories...the list is endless. Let you know if I find some goodies. In the meantime...

Keep Dreamin


Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm So Proud

Okay, again, not about scrapping...but, we have a "newish" dog. Older golden lab puppy, actually. His name is Buddy and he is stealing my heart. We are taking him to Chicago with us, so he has to learn some house manners...which means he has to stay in the house.

I bought a crate for him. It is as big as a toddler's bed! At first, I had to physically drag him into it. (He weighs 63 pounds) Then we worked on saying, "Buddy go to your room". And he is so stinking smart, that he went. A little snack for obeying. Then we had to the room...out of the, snack,...out praise! Last night, I had to impress Steve with how intellegent our youngest child is. He didn't think it would be so successful, after only one morning of work. Wrong! The dog AND his wife have some skills!

But now the proud moment. He slept in the crate last night. We heard just a tiny bit of whiney at the beginning of the night. Then he settled into a long winters night sleep. This morning his crate was dry and clean!! I couldn't believe it! I think he is the smartest kid we have! (glad my children don't read my blog!! I'd be in trouble.)

I'm So Proud!!
Well, it's back to the store for more cleaning and sorting. Our agent sent us some home specs to look at for Chicago. For the amount we want to spend, there were some extremely nice homes. It will be fun shopping next week...big shopping. House shopping. We fell in love with one in Wheaton, an older home built in 1954. It has been totally renovated, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a loft with a spiral staircase leading to it! It has lots of appeal and charm. (But unlike an apartment, no pool or exercise room. I was looking forward to that) We'll see how it turns out in real life on Sunday.
I'll send pictures to update you.
Keep Dreamin

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Which Way Did I Go?

I tell you girls, I've been so busy, I'm not real sure where I am right now! If you find me, take me home, Please! The store is coming home with me as we speak. I had no clue that I had so much personal items there. Steve is freaking out a little bit..but I'll find a place for all of it. we leave for Chicago Saturday to hunt for a place to live. I'll be gone all week...Sally will be running the store. I hope she stays busy with last minute shoppers. Be sure to visit her.

Hey, have you seen the new buckets that Queen & Company are now using? They are bright and filled with goodies! A must have for your shelves in the crop room. Check them out on their blog, They are giving away 7 of the new pails to random people who add a comment to their space. Go NOW...come back and read the rest after you've entered.

Welcome back. Not much else to say, today. Registration is officially closed for the retreat...There are 11 of us going..which is a great sized group. For their goodie bags I got..wait! they may be reading this. Anyway, the gifts are over the top...brand new items...WOW!!! I can't wait...I need a break from the frenzy here.

Only 2 more crops at the store...I'd love to have everyone come. But I can only seat 8. So call in and save your spot. 4 are already reserved.

Well, gotta run...more packing and more sales to finish.

Keep Dreamin

Friday, January 16, 2009

survived the cold night

What? It's still Cold!! I want the "cold one day and hot the next" weather cycle back. It seemed worse at our house last night, because the upstairs heater didn't kick on. We've been having some problems...put in a new it an installer (hubby) problem...or is it the starter? Anyway, it got down to 56 in our room last night..great for sleeping, not great for getting up!
I didn't scrap any yesterday. I'm still digging through and sorting out my things. And busy with all the shoppers coming in for the 1/2 price clearance items. But I have found some really great paper that I forgot I I'm cropping tonight! The Dreamers and I are going to have Taco Soup at the store, instead of going out to eat. There is only 2 crop nights left before I close my ownership of the store. Please call and join us. I heard a rumor that there will be a drawing for those who come to the stuff..give me more!!!
I had two more ladies sign up for the retreat....and 1 more on the fence trying to make a decision. I know there are others who have decided that they will hold their own retreats (since they used to be friends, I wish they would at least have waited till I was gone before they started taking my business from me), but I can guarantee you that you will be pampered to the fullest at mine. I've ordered brand new products to give as goodie bags (not leftovers or dollar tree junk) that add up to over $20 in retail. So, if you have some time come join us. Thank you to my real friends and customers.

Keep Dreamin


Thursday, January 15, 2009


Wow! Is it cold or what!?! Just to confirm your suspicions, I am moving to Chicago ON PURPOSE! Yes, me, the coldest person in the world. I'm gonna die!!! The first time we lived there, it was 46 degrees on the 4th of July! Remember the last paragraph whenever I try to convince you I know anything!
Well, the moving out of the store has started, and I can say it is one of the saddest things I've done in a long time. And, I've discovered that I need to scrapbook some of my thousands of items in my possesion! I have some neat stuff, and as I work on it I will start showing it here. (With all the cold and snow in Chicago, I can't imagine I'll be doing much running around outside) So in the months to come, this will become a scrapping blog again.
In other news, I had 5 ladies at the stepping up class. I taught them some basic techniques, inking edges, wet embossing, stamping, using chipboard, using die-cuts...we even used ribbon. The thing I love about new scrappers is their excitement to learn new techniques. Do you remember those days?? Girls, get out and search the web for something new and will renew your excitement with scrapbooking all over again.

Keep Dreamin


Friday, January 09, 2009

New Year, New Inspirations

Well, the New Year is here. Yes, I've been so busy that I just realized that! With the move and all, I'm really stretching myself to stay positive...and creative. With thousands of junk things rolling around in my head, where to live in Chicago, how much of our stuff are we going to move, gotta see "so-so" before we leave, you know, Stuff, that I haven't even thought about scrapbooking. My practical side has taken over...and...

Sorry for the yelling. But I do feel better. I'll be moving my scanner home over the weekend? Maybe on Monday, so I can start showing you guys some of the fun stuff I want to create that is rollin in the other side of my head. I promise this will become a scrap blog again. Really. Scouts Honor.
Some things I've found during my fits of insomnia, are on-line classes. There are a couple of really cool sites out there. Forget sleep one night, and cruise on down the web. Probably my favorite site is We Scrap. I've been a member for a couple of years, although a paid membership is not necessary. But it has perks, so check them out. But the site has wonderful challenges, fun forums, Quote of the Day, and occaisionally free classes. I love the interaction and they are not trying to just sell me their products. It is truly an international site. Check it out. You'll love it.
Tuesday I'll start the clearance sales at the store...pretty much everything the new owners don't want will be 50% off. I need it to sale, cause I sure don't need it sitting around my house. Come by and browse.
Another shameless plug..I still have spaces available for the Dream Retreat. I have 5 brand new retreaters this time...can't wait to wow them. Come join us.(if you are on my email list, you received a $30 off retreat coupon. If you don't have one, drop me a line at and I'll get you one!)
And in the meantime...
Keep Dreamin