Saturday, May 31, 2008

Exciting News

Well, for the last 3 months, my landlord has been hinting about raising my rent...and because the roof leaks, the electricity is outrageous because the wind just whistles right aroung the seal (which don't seal), and out of 6 lights in the front, only 3 work...I can't find a reason to stay. Ok, I'm too lazy to move is a good reason...but! So couple of weeks ago, the place RIGHT across the parking lot came up for lease...mmmm...must be a sign. It's all bills paid, so the utilities won't go up, real close so I won't lose customers in the move, has working lights, about 200 sf more space, and only about $20 a month more....
So I'm Moving!
Here' s a rough view of the before...will have after pics soon.

I'm really excited about it. We will have our first official event in it on June All Day Crop & Garage Sale. Crop is $25 and is from 9-9. Be sure to reserve a space, cause we are going to have prizes and games and.. who knows, maybe even some new product to try out!
The garage sale will be at the old store...a little going away. It only cost 3 cans of food for our local pantry, and you get to keep all your fees, no hidden gimmicks. The kicker is, you must call ahead to reserve your spot and provide your own table. I'm running an ad in the local paper, so hopefully we can all get rid of some old things that I'm sure we just "loved" when it was new and maybe pick up some different stuff.
The girls on my email list received a 40% coupon off my clearance items that I no longer want to carry on my shelves. Let me know if you are interested and I can send you a copy.
That's about all I know this time around. Hope you get a chance to put your dreams on paper.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Scrapbook Tour: Part Duex

Well, to begin with...don't try this after only 2 hours sleep!!
I feel so sorry for you gals who don't live in Oklahoma..we have some of the best scrapbook stores anywhere. They are owned & run by the nicest ladies I have ever met! And we didn't even begin to hit all of them..just the Oklahoma City area stores.
Just a little clue of what we found at each:
Scrapbook Sisters, Stillwater- fabulous displays, her Creative Cafe
set up was really cute, great papers, & a huge collection of Jolees. It was
great to see ladies at a class at 10:30 in the morning. Girls, if you need
day classes and your store doesn't offer them, just ask.
Just 4 Keeps, Edmond- I spent way to much in here! They had the
little liscense plates that are so popular. This store was so clean and
neat. Great crop area. (Sally wants me to get those cushy seats for the
store!) They were having a "garage sale" and Sally got a rolling bag
for $10!!
Scrapbooks from The Heart, Moore- If it's free, it's for me...they had
a special-spend $25, get a free 6x12 scrapbook. (if you haven't seen these,
they are made so you can make one 12x12 layout, cut it right down the
middle to make your 2 pages!) Patty was able to find some paper for
her trip to Washington, D.C. They were hosting an offsite weekend
retreat, and said they had about 80 ladies signed up!
And Bear Makes 3, Moore-This is a stamp and gift shop...a great place
to find things for your altered projects. Her website is also loaded with the
many classes they teach. And Hoss (their PR dog) did tricks for us!
Scrapbook Alley, Harrah- Special thanks (and love) to Kellie for staying
open a little later for us. Charm and personality (and a huge Rusty Pickle
and Little Yellow Bicycle collection) make this a must stop on your list.
Erick had never encountered Bicycle papers, and I think he got one of each.
Dreams & Memories, Sand Springs- shameless plug! We got back to
the store and had show & tell with all our new goodies. I even did a little
cropping while Patty & Sally set up and played with Sally's new photo
Just telling about the stores doesn't do them justice. I'll keep you informed about our next run and retreat!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scrapbook Tour

Tomorrow is a big day!. Patty, Sally, Erick, & I are doing a scrapbook hop! We are leaving early in the morning and traveling to Scrapbook Sisters in Stillwater, Just 4 Keeps in Edmond, Paper Crown in OKC, Scrapbooks from the Heart in Moore, And Bear Makes 3 in Moore, Scrapbook Alley in Harrah, and finally ending back at Dreams and Memories in Sand Springs to crop all the new goodies we've collected! I hope we have the stamina to drive home!
We also are going to eat at Tobie Keith's I love this Bar in Bricktown. I love their peach & jalapeno jam served on hot cornbread muffins! Patty and Sally have never been, so I know they are in for quite a treat!
I'll keep you posted on how it went. The plan is to schedule one again this summer and possibly end it up with a retreat. Keep you informed.
I'm still working on the tax thing, but the store stays very busy. We've had crops and classes continuously. And I'm working on some special things for summer. Trying to break the boredom!
Talk to you on Saturday