Thursday, January 31, 2008

Retreat Site

We have a retreat site! It is in Broken Bow at Deer Creek Resort. We are staying in the Casa Grande Cabin. It sleeps 16 and is beautiful. You can see it at The dates are March 7,8,& 9. The cost is $125, with $75 deposit due by February 20th. I'm late for work (again, I should fire myself!) so I gotta run. More later!

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dinner & a Full House

Last night was Steve's company Christmas Dinner (cancelled by ice storm earlier) and we went to The Polo Grill where my son is the head chef. But more than a chef, he's the guy who comes out and talks to you at your table. A VERY BIG DEAL in Tulsa. We were seated in the Wine Cellar, where the walls are made up of thousands of wine bottles, locked in coolers(don't know the real name for the fridges they are kept in!) After appetizers I started with Robert's Romaine Salad (heart of romaine with blue cheese crumbles and a lemony dressing) followed by Sea Bass! It was fabulous! A cheesecake for desert and I was ready for a nap.
After dinner, Steve drove me back to the store where I was "hosting" 8 ladies and our friend Erick for a crop. It was crowded, but everyone had a great time. I may be getting too old for the 2:00 am closings. I certainly slept well.
I'm looking at Fin & Feather, a resort here in OK for our March retreat. We will have to move the date back into the month if we go there, as the cabins are closed until the 3rd week of March (after Easter)
Will keep you informed about the retreat. Bed time here...Sundays are a busy time...Bible Study, then church, then our yearly meeting, then back again at 6:30 for youth meeting!
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Pammie Kay

Friday, January 25, 2008

Well, Katie had this IQ test thing on her why not take it? Now mind you..math is not my thing at all, and if you've every spoken with me, you know how my mind struggles to get the correct words out. So my results are...

***Your IQ Is 105***
Your Logical Intelligence is Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Above Average
Your General Knowledge is Above Average
A Quick and Dirty IQ Test

I really wanted to know what a couple of the answers were, because there was one trick question about jail...but then again, going to jail is always tricky!

Yesterday was a busy day at the store. My Pastor's birthday is on Sunday, so we decided to do an affirmation gift for him (everyone write an affirmation and then give it to him...let him know how much we love him and appreciate his ministry) Sounds simple, right? WRONG! First off, people only respond in "their own sweet time", and second never allow 2 creative minds to work on the same project. I visioned a board book, with affirmations and a pic of the person (our church only has about 40 members, and being a photo freak, I have at least one of everyone). Cute, but not too cute. Well, others invisioned a frame with all of them in it so he can hang it in his office. Boring! But I look at it as a GIANT scrapbook page. Landscape or portrait? We ended up liking a mosaic with the 3x5 index cards around the edge, some pics in the middle. I'll try to get a pic in when we finish Friday.

We are finally having my husband's company Christmas dinner tonight. The ice storm disturbed the other one. We are going to the Polo Grill in Utica Square.
Our son, Michael, is the head chef there. This is the first time Steve's group has chosen to go there, so we are excited to show our son's skills off. It is a great resturant, and Mike gives customer service a new meaning. One night he drove a gentleman home who had drank a bit too much. He's even personally cooked for the Mayor of Tulsa. I'm very proud, if you can't tell!

And tonight there is a crop at the store! Patty is hosting an almost full house tonight (full being 9 tables). I will go crop after the dinner, but I'll not be rushing off. Hope you all get a few minutes today to practice our craft.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

CKC Houston

I want to start by saying, if you haven't been to a scrapbook convention, RUN don't walk to your computer and sign up NOW! My friend Patty & I went to the Creative Keepsakes Convention (CKC) in Houston this past weekend. No hubby, no kids, no was heaven! CK sure knows how to show a girl a good time. We took 5 classes, volunteered for the Saturday night crop & shopped. We even got to see my friends Laura & Howard from ScrapMart. It was Houston's first year to host CKC, so the crowds weren't as big as I expected.

I took three classes from QuickQuotes. I'll be carrying their products in the store soon, so I needed some displays! (how's that for a tax write-off?) One of their kits had paper that is not yet available to purchase! The kit from SEI is also a new product...I'll get pictures in here tomorrow with the scoop.(sshhh it's a secret)

Lance from Rusty Pickle taught our other class. We made a chipboard album & he taught us some really cool "techniques". Or just new ways to add stuff to your album. Whatever you want to call it, the finished product is awesome. It was the "Smiles" class. I love this hobby so much.

Steve is finally getting over his broncituss(not spelled right, but can't get this spell check to work). He's always been very active and is really tired of just laying around. I'm glad he is getting better. We have his company "Christmas Dinner" at the Polo Grill on Friday. (yes, Christmas is over, but we had to cancel it because of the ice storm)
Hope everyone got a chance today to put some adhesive on some paper.
Keep Dreamin Pammie Kay

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

. Name your two favorite scrapbook topics.
Grandsons & my youth group at church
2. What are the two best places you've been to?
Philadelphia (I got goosebumps when I saw Independence Hall!) and our
latest trip to Maine for the birth of grandson Ethan (although CHA was a
highlight of last year!)
3. Name two things you do every day?
Talk to my daughter & read a devotion
4. Tell us two things that everyone pretty much knows about you?
I love to paper craft & my family (ok, most days!)
5. Two places you wish to visit?
The beaches of Normandy & Ireland, to look up family headstones
6. Two things you may not know about me are:
I love the smell of sheets after they've been hung on the clothesline & my
Great-Grandfather (many greats actually) is Daniel Boone
7. Two nicknames you've had at some time in your life:
Pammie Kay because I have a cousin who is also a Pam & Mamma Funk by
the youth that I "mothered" on band and choir trips
9. What are two interesting (in a good or bad way) jobs you've had in your life?
I was a camp counselor at Lutheran Church camps for many years and I was
a chair-side assistant in a dental office for about 3 years
10. What are two things you would like to learn?
I've always wanted to speak Spanish and to play a hammered dulcimer.
.11. What two things would make your scrapping/stamping work space work even better for you?
Cleanliness! and, while I have all my stuff at the store right now, just a
defined space at home to work when I have insomnia
.12. What are two of your best organizational tips for stampers that do not have a lot of space?
Think of using inexpensive 1x2 boards screwed into your wall above your
area (wooden stamps fit on it wonderfully & I use my things more when I can see them) & sort your inks according to type, not color. this keeps me
from searching everywhere for pigment ink or the perfect shade of Staz-on
.13. What are your two favorite stamping toys?
I'm a fairly simple stamper and don't have many toys at this point...but I
love my new glue stamp pad & the cleaner pads
14. If you could have TWO super-powers, what would they be?
I have ALWAYS wanted to fly, and now as an adult I want even more so, so I
don't have to mess with stupid drivers on the ground & this may not be a
super-power, BUT, I'd like to be able to eat anything I want and not gain a
bunch of weight!
15. Name two words that describe your stamping/scrapbooking style?
historical & fun
16. Name two of your favorite colors to design with?
Definately browns & lately I've really been into blue
17. Name two of your all-time favorite paper collections/lines.
That's hard, cause I usually scrap with paper I carry at the store, so I can
have examples up...mmmm..Ok, The school collection from Daisy D's &
Karen Foster's new line for card making ie; Thank you & Birthday
:18. Name your top two favorite paper crafting manufacturers.
7-Gypsy's & I couldn't live without my Bazzill for my Question..
19. If money were no problem, what 2 items would make your scrapbooking
world complete?
A Pazzles cutter & that giant scrapbooking armoir we saw at last year's CK
Well, I finally completed this! I am tagging my friend Patty & Eugenia. Good luck.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CuttleBug Club

Tonight we had our first Club meeting. I had a great time, even though I had to rush home to see the Lonesome Dove movie. (they continued it again!) Katie led us in making a card, a goodies bag topper AND a candle wrap. There were 5 of us (3 no shows), so I think it was a great success.
Girls, today I had a MAN come into my store, so excited that I was here in Sand Springs! He's a avid scrapbooker, who has completed 3 albums of his little girl! We had a great time, and he plans to crop with us next Friday!
Well, it's bedtime, and if you knew me, you would realize how much I need my beauty rest!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

New Classes

Winter serves us up a huge helping of boredom sometimes. Ok, maybe just me! I'm trying to keep busy by kicking the store activities up a notch.
For those who love a challenge, I've got one...a whole 12 months of challenges. When I get to look at you guys' layouts I see: cute babies, learning to walk, fishing pictures, sports.....hey! Where's mom? Behind the camera and behind the layout, no doubt. So 2008 has been unofficially declared (at least at Dreams & Memories) " A Year of ME!" Your family will want to know about your life..later, when they grow up.
Here's how I work a challenge. I give a topic...sometimes easy, sometimes hard. Make a layout using it as your theme and bring it into the store by the 15th of each month. In return, I will give you each a $2 voucher to use in the store and hang your work of art up for a month. At the end of the month, all participants' names go in a drawing. (This month it is a $10 gift card to the store, next month?)
Isn't that simple? I need new layouts to display in my store and YOU need to document YOUR life! I'm not real big at rules (drove my mom crazy) but there are guidelines: Pages due by 15th of month
You must journal your story
You must have fun doing it (Patty!)
I thought our first layout would be in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. We all know that he "Had a Dream". So do you. So scrap your dream this month. It can be a childhood dream, a marriage dream, a silly or a serious dream. Mine felt serious at the it's silly. I don't even have pictures of part of mine...cause they never came true. But they were a huge part of me growing up. So have fun with it. Since only my "regulars" know about the challenge, just this once, I'm extending the due date to Tuesday, Jan. 22.
The new CuttleBug Club (CBC) that Katie has started has really stirred some kind of interest. The first one is SOLD OUT! First in D&M history for a sell out. The club will be the 3rd Tuesday of each month and MUST be pre-payed by the 1st of each month. That way I can have enough supplies and more can join.
What is the CBC? Katie, using CB dies, will teach us different projects each month. (this month it is a card, candy topper, & a candle wrap). For $20, you get to complete each project AND KEEP THE DIE TO ADD TO YOUR COLLECTION!! Sweet deal!
Future incentives to join the club include;
with every 3rd paid in full class, get the 4th at half price!
special insider sales of CuttleBug Dies
I'm signed up! Come join us!
I've got some scrapping to do, so till next time...
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Blog Goof-ups!

Well, this is my first blog. I must admit, that I am a paper crafter, and not an English major. I've always loved to hear myself talk, so this will be cool.
I own a growing scrapbook store in Sand Springs, Ok. Most of my time is spent there with my scrapping friends. We crop on Friday nights, have classes (my teacher Katie Piotrowoski, is fabulous..check out her blogspot), host quarterly retreats, have scrapping sleepovers, and go to CK Conventions together. Oh! I also get to sell the scrapbook supplies that we all love. Life is good!
I hope you all enjoy my ramblings...I will post our calendar, pics of projects, and specials here, for my group and my new group.

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