Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Thoughts

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to write down some Christmas thoughts...
If you know only 1 thing in the world about me, I hope it is how much I love my Lord and my family. Ok, 2 things! So Christmas is such a fabulous time at my house. The birth of a child and joy like little children ...the two things I love. And experience, especially at this time of year.
When my children were little, the nativity scene in my house functioned as a reminder. "Baby Jesus" was intentionally not at the manger scene...until He magically appeared on Christmas morning! (except the last 2 years, I hid him ...and can't find him! ) And likewise the 3 Wise Men weren't there either. They would travel around the house...spending time in each kids room, in the bathroom, down the stairs, and eventually making their way to the manger on Epiphany (12th Night or January 6).
Another tradition was at gift time. Money was really tight when the kids were little..and I didn't want Christmas to be only about presents. I read in a magazine about a family that only got 3 gifts each...representing the 3 gifts the wise men brought Jesus. So we started that tradition, and attempt to do that still, into their adult years.
This year for Christmas I asked my kids (told them?) to not get me gifts. Instead, they have given in my name to World Vision and purchased a goat to be sent to a family in need. They didn't necessarily like me not opening gifts, but I really don't care to. Daily it is more important for me to be about God's work of caring for the poor. Just a step. A first step.
Some of you already know, but my husband and I have decided to accept an offer from his company to move to Chicago. While it is exciting to get to move and get to renew old friendships there, it is very sad. Leaving my children, grandchildren, my friends, my church, selling my store...
So it would seem that finding joy this Christmas would be a little tougher. But not so.. it is because I have the hope found in the birth of the Christ Child, my Savior, that I know it's not about me. It's not about you. It's about Jesus, and celebrating Him. Immanuel...Christ is with us.
So my prayer is that each of you will find time to sit and consider what Christ has meant in your life...all He has done, given, loved. And in response to His love, reach out to someone who is maybe not feeling that love right now. And Love Them Like Jesus!

Merry Christmas &
Keep Dreamin,


Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's Up With That?

I can't believe it's been so long since I've written! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? I've been sooo busy..Slick & the baby have been here, busy at church, all day crops...all just excuses for I'm too lazy to crawl on the computer and write! And I just don't feel too clever lately (is that what happens when a kid moves back in...just like in high school)

Well, I am clever and want to share it with you. Like I said, we had all day crop last Saturday at the store. We had quite a crowd and a busy day to boot. Eugenia drove all the way from Pawnee and we made these great gift boxes...we used her Crickut & the Design Studio to cut out the tree & ornaments. Each one was so different!
And Patty kept them busy with a great Recipe Book album. Wow! It will be so easy to keep those loose recipes in. Mine was going to be a gift...oops! (Now you see how selfish I am!)

Oh! I almost forgot!
The Winter Dream Retreat is planned for February 6, 7, & 8!! The cost is still only $150. Check out my website for more information. This will be my last retreat for quite a while....so you don't want to miss it. I am "pulling out all the stops" for this one.
Keep Dreamin'

Friday, October 24, 2008

What a Blessing

Girls, it pays to answer your phone! Mine rang about 4:25 yesterday afternoon. Pastor Greg here...are you free tonight? He had 2 FREE tickets to the Michael W. Smith/Steven Curtis Chapman concert...and could I use them!!! Smitty is my friend Lisa's absolute favorite and because of finances, we didn't have tickets. A quick phone call was all needed to start our journey! It as at the Spirit Bank Arena (or whatever they call it). Traffic was a dead stop on Memorial, so, geniuses that we are, we went back to Mingo and up. Here's a little word to the wise..when you can see the Spirit Bank on 101st St...don't be tempted to pull into that parking lot by the movie theater. There was a giant ditch (flood control) and as you walked closer, a 7 or 8 foot drop-off, with a 2 rail fence. I don't know who found it, but there was a step ladder...so, through the fence and down the ladder we went. Some of us will do anything to get a free concert.
But the concert was fabulous, Steven talked about the death of his daughter, Maria, last May. And about how God has started healing their entire families hearts. I sobbed. But listening to his music, I saw a pattern in his words. God had been preparing him through his music for this one moment in his life. It was such an uplifting and encouraging evening. I wish you all would've shared it with us. Thanks Pastor Greg.

Monday, October 20, 2008

new products

Hey dreamers!

I went on a church retreat this weekend, and you can't imagine how renewed I feel! I love being able to slow down and listen to what God has to say to me. I was really blessed. Hope you all get to experience His love this week.

Because of my birthday last week, the church retreat, & my son's housewarming party, the store was closed last week for too many days. But..I'm open this week and have NEW PRODUCTS for you to see. And classes also. I'd love to meet some of my new followers.

Just about 2 more weeks and the Slice Die Cutter from Making Memories will be released! They are small, portable, run on batteries (no more having to get a table by a plug-in at crop!), and are affordable! Jump over to the Making Memories Site and watch a video of them. They are THE must have this holiday season! I've pre-ordered 4 of them, so if you want to be one of the first to play with this new toy..a deposit of half down will save you one.

I've got to work on my website..it bores even me! Wish I was more of a techy...this is my punishment for making fun of nerds in high school! so 3 days later I will have a new front page...but that's just if I'm lucky!
Keep Dreamin

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sorry For Not Writing Sooner

OK, I'll admit it...not not a good blogger. My life is very full-I have lots of fun things to share-I could add a picture of my latest layout-tell about the retreat-tell about my birthday- - - but the reality is, I've had my grandson Ethan (and he brought his mom) move in with me, and all I want to do is play with him all morning! Slick's hubby is stationed in Bahrain, so they will be with us till August. Our little distractions! He is so adorable, that all I want to do is love on him!

So, let me tell you about the retreat..F U N !!
Six of us went to Dwight Mission, outside of Vian, to crop all weekend. We cropped in a log cabin and slept in a former Cherokee Indian girls dormitory that was built in 1923! I'll have to admit, we all expected to see ghosts in the windows of some of the older buildings, but were greatly disappointed! Sally & Crystal led the group in number of pages done...I think they had between 23 - 27 each! A whole lot of scrapping going on.
My next weekend retreat will be in February. What a wonderful Christmas gift this will be....
Just a reminder-I still have a few spaces left for The Dreaming of a Cure all day crop. It's on October 25, beginning a 9 am & going until midnight...if any of you is strong enough to go all day. Goodie Bags, drawings, lunch, supper...all included in your $30 fee. ($10 goes to Susan G Komen Foundation for breast cancer research). Cut off to register is Wednesday, Oct 22. Please let me know.
If you haven't been in to see the new products...you are missing out...
HallowWhimsey by Imaginisce
Fall line by Scrappin Sports
Believe by BoBunny
Holiday Cheer by BoBunny
Birthday Paper by Scenic Route
I keep ordering...I'm really trying to keep you from having to drive to Tulsa, to get your supplies. Come by and visit today.
And Keep Dreamin

Friday, October 03, 2008

Dreaming of a Cure Weekend

Good morning Dreamers,
I just wanted to drop a quick line before my day got started....it's going to be a fun one! Today we leave for our Scrap Pink Retreat. Laurie came from Dallas yesterday to retreat with us. She and I spent the early evening packing up the new paper and the "store" for the retreat. I've ordered in the new Fall and Christmas lines from BoBunny, and I'll debut them this weekend. And of course, Crystal will be seeing the Halloween line from Imaginese for the first time.
I'm not only excited for them to see the new product lines, but for them to do my 2 free make-n-takes (I'll take pics to show you on Monday!). I'm also teaching a Fall Layout Class and Krista is going to lead us in making a darling Trick-or-Treat Bag and card. (I think spooky is the word she would've liked me to use, but they don't scare me!)
On top of fun classes and scrapbooking for 30+ hours...we're raising money for a cause near to my heart...Breast Cancer. My mother, Steve's Grandma ( she was a 14 year survivor), Adeline's mom & aunt, my friend Kim, ...saddly the list goes on with your loved ones. So many of us are touched by this disease, and I just have faith that a Cure is so near... if you are reading this and know someone touched, stop by the store and give a donation in my jar...or grab up some Cancer Awareness Paper & stickers and make a memory page or mini album. And definately call them, give them a hug, love them, pray for them....this month is about being aware. But this disease doesn't last just a month. Never forget.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Well, this has nothing to do with scrapbooks...My youngest grandson just turned 1 on Sunday! Happy BD Ethan. He had a grand time. His Grandmother Angela (dad's mom) from San Antonio got to see him for the first time on Friday. Aunt Sharon came with her. They couldn't take their eyes off him.
And he fell in love with Grandma immediatly. Life is grand.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Well, the way I talk, you'd think I had a rough week! Since I quit my parttime at Arby's last week, I had Monday nite home with the family, Tuesday nite home with the family, went to Bible study Wednesday, and Thursday nite home with family! AND I got to see all my grandsons, more than once. Pretty easy and enjoyable week.

So why do I look forward to Friday? Because tonight is Stamping Up! Club at the store. And then crop afterwards. So I not only get to see my friends, I get to be a guest and do a project at club, order stamps (did you know I'm a stamp slut? can't get enough!), and then crop the evening away. My store isn't like most, our crop isn't over at midnight. Some Fridays we crop until 2 or 3 in the morning!! And we really have some fun. soooooo.......
The Pink Retreat is really growing. I think this will be my largest retreat ever! I can't wait, cause I love to be a hostess. I did grow up in the south, I have a southern reputation to uphold! If you haven't gotten your registration packet, stop by the store soon.
Happy Friday and Keep Dreamin

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Love Fall

Okay, not that September is fall, but have you stepped outside lately? Everything just feels and smells clean, fresh. Awwww, in love with life.
I'm greatly enjoying having Slick (my daughter) and the baby with us. She makes me laugh sooo much. Her dad is loving it too. Last night, we just watched tv and talked about nothing. I have missed those days. (For new readers, my daughter has been gone in the Navy for 5 years and has just returned home. She and baby will live with us for a year while her hubby is stationed in Bahran)
And I got to scrapbook the last couple of days, in between customers. I'm working up the "Great Flood of 86" pictures. They aren't pretty pics, but it gives me an opportunity to really dig in and journal. Those were some really emotional times, and I have lots to say. My kids can read it later in life, and know about another time in their lives.
Isn't that what scrapbooking is about? Leaving part of you on paper...preserving your memories for future generation. I'm so blessed to have had a Grandma who told me sooo much about my past.
If you have a Grandma still alive, call her today and ask about her story.

Keep Dreamin

Monday, September 08, 2008

Dreaming of a Cure

I'm so excited about some events that are going on at the store that I've forgotten to let all of you know (to those who come to the store on a frequent basis, I apologize for the repetition). Most of you have heard about ScrapPink, a crop sponsored by Scrapbooks, etc. and the Susan G Komen for the Cure. I am a participating store this year. I really wanted to do it last year, but the birth of a grandson made me very distractable! This year we are having 2 events...October 3,4,&5th I'm offering a Pink Weekend at Dwight Mission in Vian. We will be Dreaming of a Cure from Friday to Sunday in our all inclusive scrapbooking heaven! I love to host retreats. You will definately get your money's worth this weekend. For $150 you get: 30+ hours of cropping, all meals, lodging, goodie bags, games, t-shirt, and prize drawings. And a store of new goodies purchased just for the retreat. I've got a couple of classes planned (at additional cost) and some make-n-takes.
And I know some of you can't join us for an entire weekend away..so we are going to continue to Dream of a Cure right here at home with an all day crop on October 24. It will include cropping from 9 til midnight, lunch & supper, optional classes, in store specials and drawings. T-shirts will be available to purchase at $15 each (pre-orders would be appreciated!) And of the $30 cost, $10 will be sent to Susan G. Komen.
So you can retreat with us all weekend or just for 15 hours, and all to raise money for a Cure. Please call or come by the store for more information.

And Keep Dreamin

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finally back home

Hi Dreamers, Well, I don't believe it, but after an extended abscence, I'm back to blogging again. Sorry for the delay...life has been fast and furious. The store is opened again, and if you've not been in since the move you won't believe the changes. For one, it is sooo open. Our crop space is larger and I have extra space to continue expanding. It's hard to remember that first year with only 300 square feet!
And wasn't the convention great? I had so much fun and learned a few new tricks to pass on to you guys. Be sure to watch my class schedule for new layouts and projects. More in the morning. Pam

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just a Little Sad

Do you ever have a day when things are just not where they should be? I hate them (those days). Yesterday was one of those. My mom (and probably yours too) used to say, "No good deed goes unpunished." I'm a very trusting and giving person. I love to help others better their craft. And to make money at it also. But, well, let's just say, yesterday I got to experience that 'no good deed goes unpunished.' And I'm sad about it.
On a lighter note, I'm throwing another retreat!! This one is for ScrapPink, to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Details are still being worked out, but the date is October 3, 4, & 5 and the cost is still $150, (includes food, goodie bags, t-shirt, games, classes & more.). If you've never been to one of my retreats, come prepared to crop, learn, & be pampered! I have a servants heart, and I am in my zone when I can help or serve my guests. (you don't get that many places)
I have 5 people already committed, so...
Keep Dreamin
Pammie Kay

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finally IN

Ladies, I'll tell you the truth...I never thought I would get this store open!
During this move...my son had gallbladder surgery, I took on a 15 yr old boy (long,sad story), Major holiday, and all the errands that go with each. But I'm in. I still have a few things without a home (I lost a wall for hanging things..must be creative with displays), and then figure out where to store my bags. But overall, IT'S DONE.
If you haven't gotten sneak peaks at the new fall stuff.....WOW! BoBunny's new line is fabulous. I've pre-ordered the Christmas, Halloween, and back to school things. I haven't had much time to look at everything, but Imaginise has taken the fat little penquins and added them to snow pages. Cute.cute. cute. Can't wait to get NEW STUFF!
Don't forget to stop by the store for Christmas in July. (July 25 & 26th). Rumor has it that all my single sided patterned paper (only) will be 40% off (regulary .65, then will be .39). I need to move it out so I can get new stuff in. We'll have a free Christmas card make-n-take, previews & sign-ups of classes for the fall.Cookies too!

See you soon & Keep Dreamin

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Paint

Well, the paint at the store is moving along. I got bored with the tedious-ness of the brown, and started the pink on the trim work. I just can't wait for it to be done, so I can get things to normal again

I'm off to Houston this weekend, with Patty to pick up dog food (long story, tell you later). We're going to go to Galveston tomorrow. I've never been. I've packed my sunscreen so my Irish skin won't fry

Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend Getaway

I wish I could relive this weekend! I had some of the girls from the store to the house for a retreat. We did the usual scrapbook things..eat, crop, laugh, crop. You'll notice that sleep didn't make the list! This weekend was a "Thank You" to these ladies (and Erick) for all the support they give me. Sally finished 17 pages, Adeline 14 (she had to work from 8-3, but she finished all the pictures she had planned to!), Patty finished 9 (she was gone all day Saturday to a previously scheduled family event), Krista got about 8 or 9 pages, and I got 12 of my mini pages done.
We had time to talk about the CKC Convention in Tulsa in August. We are getting a hotel room and making a weekend of it!
Speaking of the convention...this month's challenge has been decided. You have 2 choices this month:
  1. "Defining Moment" this is the page title for the CKC contest. If we have it finished by July, there will be no excuse not to enter.
  2. Or do a simple layout for the Simple Scrapbook contest. From the way I read it, there isn't a theme...just your best simple layout.

So come on girls, get with it. Remember, all who take up the challenge and have them to the store by June 25th get a $2 off coupon & a chance at this month's drawing. I'm giving away a page kit using the Shore Thing paper. I can't wait to learn more about Your Defining Moment.


Keep Dreamin'

Friday, June 06, 2008

I Have a Website!

I know, you say, "But Pam, you already have a website". And technically that is true! But, I can't get into it...it is listed to some obsure office live account that I thought I knew, but that thinking was wrong. So, it is worthless...cute, but worthless! So, now, like I was saying before I interrupted myself....
I have a website (I wrote all my log-in info in my day runner) that is a little basic, but I can tweak it over time. The site address is:

I've listed a complete rundown of classes and Dream Events...check it out! You can even register for classes on line (I don't have a paypal acct, but will join the 90's technology soon).
Ta Da!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Store update

The painting on the store is coming along...slowly. The walls were FILTHY and I had to wash them..too time consuming. But they are clean and the work is begun.
I'm keeping the walls my signature green...this one is a little toned down...and pairing it with a chocolate brown & soft pink. It is very striking.
Patty reminded me that you don't have an address for the new place (she's such a detail person)...so yesterday I had to look it up.. it is 3417 S. 113th W Ave. 1-A.
I've listed some upcoming classes & events for the following months. I'm looking to really "beef up" my class schedule. It seems that is what so many of you like to do, so I'm gonna do it. And I'm adding a beginning stamping class in July for those who want to start "really" stamping. (I love to use them on my layouts)
So, hopefully this weekend (I'm having a scrap retreat at my house for 5 ladies) I'll have the paint washed off my hands and be able to show you the mini pages I'm making for baby Ethan's photo book. (You heard me...not a scrapbook album..) I'm looking forward to hosting the girls and getting to scrap.
Gotta run
Pammie Kay

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Exciting News

Well, for the last 3 months, my landlord has been hinting about raising my rent...and because the roof leaks, the electricity is outrageous because the wind just whistles right aroung the seal (which don't seal), and out of 6 lights in the front, only 3 work...I can't find a reason to stay. Ok, I'm too lazy to move is a good reason...but! So couple of weeks ago, the place RIGHT across the parking lot came up for lease...mmmm...must be a sign. It's all bills paid, so the utilities won't go up, real close so I won't lose customers in the move, has working lights, about 200 sf more space, and only about $20 a month more....
So I'm Moving!
Here' s a rough view of the before...will have after pics soon.

I'm really excited about it. We will have our first official event in it on June 21...an All Day Crop & Garage Sale. Crop is $25 and is from 9-9. Be sure to reserve a space, cause we are going to have prizes and games and.. who knows, maybe even some new product to try out!
The garage sale will be at the old store...a little going away. It only cost 3 cans of food for our local pantry, and you get to keep all your money...no fees, no hidden gimmicks. The kicker is, you must call ahead to reserve your spot and provide your own table. I'm running an ad in the local paper, so hopefully we can all get rid of some old things that I'm sure we just "loved" when it was new and maybe pick up some different stuff.
The girls on my email list received a 40% coupon off my clearance items that I no longer want to carry on my shelves. Let me know if you are interested and I can send you a copy.
That's about all I know this time around. Hope you get a chance to put your dreams on paper.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Scrapbook Tour: Part Duex

Well, to begin with...don't try this after only 2 hours sleep!!
I feel so sorry for you gals who don't live in Oklahoma..we have some of the best scrapbook stores anywhere. They are owned & run by the nicest ladies I have ever met! And we didn't even begin to hit all of them..just the Oklahoma City area stores.
Just a little clue of what we found at each:
Scrapbook Sisters, Stillwater- fabulous displays, her Creative Cafe
set up was really cute, great papers, & a huge collection of Jolees. It was
great to see ladies at a class at 10:30 in the morning. Girls, if you need
day classes and your store doesn't offer them, just ask.
Just 4 Keeps, Edmond- I spent way to much in here! They had the
little liscense plates that are so popular. This store was so clean and
neat. Great crop area. (Sally wants me to get those cushy seats for the
store!) They were having a "garage sale" and Sally got a rolling bag
for $10!!
Scrapbooks from The Heart, Moore- If it's free, it's for me...they had
a special-spend $25, get a free 6x12 scrapbook. (if you haven't seen these,
they are made so you can make one 12x12 layout, cut it right down the
middle to make your 2 pages!) Patty was able to find some paper for
her trip to Washington, D.C. They were hosting an offsite weekend
retreat, and said they had about 80 ladies signed up!
And Bear Makes 3, Moore-This is a stamp and gift shop...a great place
to find things for your altered projects. Her website is also loaded with the
many classes they teach. And Hoss (their PR dog) did tricks for us!
Scrapbook Alley, Harrah- Special thanks (and love) to Kellie for staying
open a little later for us. Charm and personality (and a huge Rusty Pickle
and Little Yellow Bicycle collection) make this a must stop on your list.
Erick had never encountered Bicycle papers, and I think he got one of each.
Dreams & Memories, Sand Springs- shameless plug! We got back to
the store and had show & tell with all our new goodies. I even did a little
cropping while Patty & Sally set up and played with Sally's new photo
Just telling about the stores doesn't do them justice. I'll keep you informed about our next run and retreat!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scrapbook Tour

Tomorrow is a big day!. Patty, Sally, Erick, & I are doing a scrapbook hop! We are leaving early in the morning and traveling to Scrapbook Sisters in Stillwater, Just 4 Keeps in Edmond, Paper Crown in OKC, Scrapbooks from the Heart in Moore, And Bear Makes 3 in Moore, Scrapbook Alley in Harrah, and finally ending back at Dreams and Memories in Sand Springs to crop all the new goodies we've collected! I hope we have the stamina to drive home!
We also are going to eat at Tobie Keith's I love this Bar in Bricktown. I love their peach & jalapeno jam served on hot cornbread muffins! Patty and Sally have never been, so I know they are in for quite a treat!
I'll keep you posted on how it went. The plan is to schedule one again this summer and possibly end it up with a retreat. Keep you informed.
I'm still working on the tax thing, but the store stays very busy. We've had crops and classes continuously. And I'm working on some special things for summer. Trying to break the boredom!
Talk to you on Saturday

Friday, April 11, 2008

Too long without a Post

I can't believe it's been so long since I've written in here...that's why a diary was never good for me! So much has happened, and not all for good...

I've lost my tax permit..but it's only a temporary thing...not good with paper work! So, I'm not able to sell anything at the store..but I can

  • have crops, they are not taxable
  • the girls can still teach classes (not taxable to me, just using my store)
  • do make-n-takes
  • product demos

So, as you can imagine, I've been a little (ok, alot) depressed lately. And this is probably not something that most people post on the internet..but I needed a way for my customers to know why I've not been around much. It's almost all taken care of, and my hope is to be fully open for business again by May 1. Thanks for all your support from my loyal customers.

Our monthly challenges are still going on...for April the challenge is "My Secret Obsession" . Create your 2 page lay-out, bring it to the store for your $2 off coupon, and you'll be entered into the drawing for a Metallic Chalk Set. (If I give it away is it taxable?) We've had some great pages in the past, and I'm looking forward to seeing this months entries.

I have another retreat scheduled...for the weekend of June 6,7, & 8. The place is still to be announced, but I can guarantee you will have a great scrapping weekend...great food, great friends, fun games, goodie bags...For more information or to sign up, go to my website, or email me at dreamsandmemories@yahoo.com

Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm too stupid to have a computer!

I don't know how I destroy computers, but I do. Now mine boots me off-line. Will try to get this done quick! The retreat is filling up quickly...I may have to rent a second cabin! Getting away is soooo much fun.
My teacher, Katie, Is so good to me. She has the best QuickQuote Class coming up with the "Family" kit. And I'll have their products in the store by March.
Don't forget that on Saturday, we have a demo of the tag curler. Make a free make-take and get a coupon for 15% off tag curler or supplies! tag! You're it!

Keep Dreamin

Friday, February 01, 2008

Beautiful Snow

I woke up yesterday to snow! It was really nice..on the grass, not the roads. So I went to work.. and came home to...it is very soft and beautiful. We got 5 1/2" at my house. Just wanted to share.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Retreat Site

We have a retreat site! It is in Broken Bow at Deer Creek Resort. We are staying in the Casa Grande Cabin. It sleeps 16 and is beautiful. You can see it at www.deercrkresort.com. The dates are March 7,8,& 9. The cost is $125, with $75 deposit due by February 20th. I'm late for work (again, I should fire myself!) so I gotta run. More later!

Keep Dreamin

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dinner & a Full House

Last night was Steve's company Christmas Dinner (cancelled by ice storm earlier) and we went to The Polo Grill where my son is the head chef. But more than a chef, he's the guy who comes out and talks to you at your table. A VERY BIG DEAL in Tulsa. We were seated in the Wine Cellar, where the walls are made up of thousands of wine bottles, locked in coolers(don't know the real name for the fridges they are kept in!) After appetizers I started with Robert's Romaine Salad (heart of romaine with blue cheese crumbles and a lemony dressing) followed by Sea Bass! It was fabulous! A cheesecake for desert and I was ready for a nap.
After dinner, Steve drove me back to the store where I was "hosting" 8 ladies and our friend Erick for a crop. It was crowded, but everyone had a great time. I may be getting too old for the 2:00 am closings. I certainly slept well.
I'm looking at Fin & Feather, a resort here in OK for our March retreat. We will have to move the date back into the month if we go there, as the cabins are closed until the 3rd week of March (after Easter)
Will keep you informed about the retreat. Bed time here...Sundays are a busy time...Bible Study, then church, then our yearly meeting, then back again at 6:30 for youth meeting!
Keep Dreamin'
Pammie Kay

Friday, January 25, 2008

Well, Katie had this IQ test thing on her blog...so why not take it? Now mind you..math is not my thing at all, and if you've every spoken with me, you know how my mind struggles to get the correct words out. So my results are...

***Your IQ Is 105***
Your Logical Intelligence is Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Above Average
Your General Knowledge is Above Average
A Quick and Dirty IQ Testhttp://www.blogthings.com/quickanddirtyiqtest/

I really wanted to know what a couple of the answers were, because there was one trick question about jail...but then again, going to jail is always tricky!

Yesterday was a busy day at the store. My Pastor's birthday is on Sunday, so we decided to do an affirmation gift for him (everyone write an affirmation and then give it to him...let him know how much we love him and appreciate his ministry) Sounds simple, right? WRONG! First off, people only respond in "their own sweet time", and second never allow 2 creative minds to work on the same project. I visioned a board book, with affirmations and a pic of the person (our church only has about 40 members, and being a photo freak, I have at least one of everyone). Cute, but not too cute. Well, others invisioned a frame with all of them in it so he can hang it in his office. Boring! But I look at it as a GIANT scrapbook page. Landscape or portrait? We ended up liking a mosaic with the 3x5 index cards around the edge, some pics in the middle. I'll try to get a pic in when we finish Friday.

We are finally having my husband's company Christmas dinner tonight. The ice storm disturbed the other one. We are going to the Polo Grill in Utica Square.
Our son, Michael, is the head chef there. This is the first time Steve's group has chosen to go there, so we are excited to show our son's skills off. It is a great resturant, and Mike gives customer service a new meaning. One night he drove a gentleman home who had drank a bit too much. He's even personally cooked for the Mayor of Tulsa. I'm very proud, if you can't tell!

And tonight there is a crop at the store! Patty is hosting an almost full house tonight (full being 9 tables). I will go crop after the dinner, but I'll not be rushing off. Hope you all get a few minutes today to practice our craft.

Keep Dreamin

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

CKC Houston

I want to start by saying, if you haven't been to a scrapbook convention, RUN don't walk to your computer and sign up NOW! My friend Patty & I went to the Creative Keepsakes Convention (CKC) in Houston this past weekend. No hubby, no kids, no job...it was heaven! CK sure knows how to show a girl a good time. We took 5 classes, volunteered for the Saturday night crop & shopped. We even got to see my friends Laura & Howard from ScrapMart. It was Houston's first year to host CKC, so the crowds weren't as big as I expected.

I took three classes from QuickQuotes. I'll be carrying their products in the store soon, so I needed some displays! (how's that for a tax write-off?) One of their kits had paper that is not yet available to purchase! The kit from SEI is also a new product...I'll get pictures in here tomorrow with the scoop.(sshhh it's a secret)

Lance from Rusty Pickle taught our other class. We made a chipboard album & he taught us some really cool "techniques". Or just new ways to add stuff to your album. Whatever you want to call it, the finished product is awesome. It was the "Smiles" class. I love this hobby so much.

Steve is finally getting over his broncituss(not spelled right, but can't get this spell check to work). He's always been very active and is really tired of just laying around. I'm glad he is getting better. We have his company "Christmas Dinner" at the Polo Grill on Friday. (yes, Christmas is over, but we had to cancel it because of the ice storm)
Hope everyone got a chance today to put some adhesive on some paper.
Keep Dreamin Pammie Kay

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

. Name your two favorite scrapbook topics.
Grandsons & my youth group at church
2. What are the two best places you've been to?
Philadelphia (I got goosebumps when I saw Independence Hall!) and our
latest trip to Maine for the birth of grandson Ethan (although CHA was a
highlight of last year!)
3. Name two things you do every day?
Talk to my daughter & read a devotion
4. Tell us two things that everyone pretty much knows about you?
I love to paper craft & my family (ok, most days!)
5. Two places you wish to visit?
The beaches of Normandy & Ireland, to look up family headstones
6. Two things you may not know about me are:
I love the smell of sheets after they've been hung on the clothesline & my
Great-Grandfather (many greats actually) is Daniel Boone
7. Two nicknames you've had at some time in your life:
Pammie Kay because I have a cousin who is also a Pam & Mamma Funk by
the youth that I "mothered" on band and choir trips
9. What are two interesting (in a good or bad way) jobs you've had in your life?
I was a camp counselor at Lutheran Church camps for many years and I was
a chair-side assistant in a dental office for about 3 years
10. What are two things you would like to learn?
I've always wanted to speak Spanish and to play a hammered dulcimer.
.11. What two things would make your scrapping/stamping work space work even better for you?
Cleanliness! and, while I have all my stuff at the store right now, just a
defined space at home to work when I have insomnia
.12. What are two of your best organizational tips for stampers that do not have a lot of space?
Think of using inexpensive 1x2 boards screwed into your wall above your
area (wooden stamps fit on it wonderfully & I use my things more when I can see them) & sort your inks according to type, not color. this keeps me
from searching everywhere for pigment ink or the perfect shade of Staz-on
.13. What are your two favorite stamping toys?
I'm a fairly simple stamper and don't have many toys at this point...but I
love my new glue stamp pad & the cleaner pads
14. If you could have TWO super-powers, what would they be?
I have ALWAYS wanted to fly, and now as an adult I want even more so, so I
don't have to mess with stupid drivers on the ground & this may not be a
super-power, BUT, I'd like to be able to eat anything I want and not gain a
bunch of weight!
15. Name two words that describe your stamping/scrapbooking style?
historical & fun
16. Name two of your favorite colors to design with?
Definately browns & lately I've really been into blue
17. Name two of your all-time favorite paper collections/lines.
That's hard, cause I usually scrap with paper I carry at the store, so I can
have examples up...mmmm..Ok, The school collection from Daisy D's &
Karen Foster's new line for card making ie; Thank you & Birthday
:18. Name your top two favorite paper crafting manufacturers.
7-Gypsy's & I couldn't live without my Bazzill
Mmmm..now for my Question..
19. If money were no problem, what 2 items would make your scrapbooking
world complete?
A Pazzles cutter & that giant scrapbooking armoir we saw at last year's CK
Well, I finally completed this! I am tagging my friend Patty & Eugenia. Good luck.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CuttleBug Club

Tonight we had our first Club meeting. I had a great time, even though I had to rush home to see the Lonesome Dove movie. (they continued it again!) Katie led us in making a card, a goodies bag topper AND a candle wrap. There were 5 of us (3 no shows), so I think it was a great success.
Girls, today I had a MAN come into my store, so excited that I was here in Sand Springs! He's a avid scrapbooker, who has completed 3 albums of his little girl! We had a great time, and he plans to crop with us next Friday!
Well, it's bedtime, and if you knew me, you would realize how much I need my beauty rest!

Keep Dreaming

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Classes

Winter serves us up a huge helping of boredom sometimes. Ok, maybe just me! I'm trying to keep busy by kicking the store activities up a notch.
For those who love a challenge, I've got one...a whole 12 months of challenges. When I get to look at you guys' layouts I see: cute babies, learning to walk, fishing pictures, sports.....hey! Where's mom? Behind the camera and behind the layout, no doubt. So 2008 has been unofficially declared (at least at Dreams & Memories) " A Year of ME!" Your family will want to know about your life..later, when they grow up.
Here's how I work a challenge. I give a topic...sometimes easy, sometimes hard. Make a layout using it as your theme and bring it into the store by the 15th of each month. In return, I will give you each a $2 voucher to use in the store and hang your work of art up for a month. At the end of the month, all participants' names go in a drawing. (This month it is a $10 gift card to the store, next month?)
Isn't that simple? I need new layouts to display in my store and YOU need to document YOUR life! I'm not real big at rules (drove my mom crazy) but there are guidelines: Pages due by 15th of month
You must journal your story
You must have fun doing it (Patty!)
I thought our first layout would be in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. We all know that he "Had a Dream". So do you. So scrap your dream this month. It can be a childhood dream, a marriage dream, a silly or a serious dream. Mine felt serious at the time...now it's silly. I don't even have pictures of part of mine...cause they never came true. But they were a huge part of me growing up. So have fun with it. Since only my "regulars" know about the challenge, just this once, I'm extending the due date to Tuesday, Jan. 22.
The new CuttleBug Club (CBC) that Katie has started has really stirred some kind of interest. The first one is SOLD OUT! First in D&M history for a sell out. The club will be the 3rd Tuesday of each month and MUST be pre-payed by the 1st of each month. That way I can have enough supplies and more can join.
What is the CBC? Katie, using CB dies, will teach us different projects each month. (this month it is a card, candy topper, & a candle wrap). For $20, you get to complete each project AND KEEP THE DIE TO ADD TO YOUR COLLECTION!! Sweet deal!
Future incentives to join the club include;
with every 3rd paid in full class, get the 4th at half price!
special insider sales of CuttleBug Dies
I'm signed up! Come join us!
I've got some scrapping to do, so till next time...
Keep Dreaming

Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Blog Goof-ups!

Well, this is my first blog. I must admit, that I am a paper crafter, and not an English major. I've always loved to hear myself talk, so this will be cool.
I own a growing scrapbook store in Sand Springs, Ok. Most of my time is spent there with my scrapping friends. We crop on Friday nights, have classes (my teacher Katie Piotrowoski, is fabulous..check out her blogspot), host quarterly retreats, have scrapping sleepovers, and go to CK Conventions together. Oh! I also get to sell the scrapbook supplies that we all love. Life is good!
I hope you all enjoy my ramblings...I will post our calendar, pics of projects, and specials here, for my group and my new group.

Keep Dreamin'