Friday, November 11, 2016

I am the worst blogger in the history of bloggers!  Just saying. But this election has given me a reason to spend more time on my creativity. Life has been crazy to say the least. So I am jumping in with both feet. I am starting to teach some classes at a local place and then...who knows?
       The first project I am working on will be with KaiserCraft's "Christmas Wishes". It is the softest of pastels. It warms me quite a bit. I think i will design about 6 cards for the first class.

I no longer have a wholesale account, so i have to rely on my lss for products, and those were limited. Guess i will have to dig into my stash of ribbons and flowers to embellish.
   I guess i must be excited about beginning, because it is 2:36 a.m. and I am still up dreaming of the future.  Nite all......keep dreamin'.  

Pammie Kay

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Cropping with Patty

  Well I have one thing I have learned of late...creativity comes slowly with stress!  Life changes have made things crazy...closing the store, loss of a brother that I loved dearly, my daughter and her 2 kids moving in, her moving into my studio space,  it is overwhelming.
    I tried getting a group going at a local antique mall, she has a great space for crops and classes. But having lost so many of my faithful croppers, even that has not turned out well.  So I am in a slump. Or was, that is.  I have been getting out of my house and going to my good friend Patty's house. She owns Keystone German Shepherds in Mannford. It is so fun to see and hear the latest litter of puppies yapping for their momma!
    So  I started a mini canvas before Christmas, thinking I would practice my collaging and playing with some liquid water colors.  Not really impressed with the outcome!  But the nice thing is I can just continue to add more over it!  But the problem with being at someone else's house is that my supplies were at my house.  I dug in my roller bag....a page kit from convention, some travel paper, bling, Christmas ribbon....aha, here it is!
    A mini paper pack G45's Curiosity Shoppe! Perfect!  I think I have had this in my bag for several years, it must be time to use it. This is what I came up with...

I started with a painted 5x7 artist canvas. I wanted to have a dark edge (like a frame) so i cut out part of the paper and pieced it on the edges.  I glued the blueish pattern paper for the background, distressing it with ink and a small stencil work of white. Lots of fussy cutting and distressing!  That  is what I love...a lot!
I only attached the bottom halves when I glued the pig, postcard and framed pieces down. That leaves the top open to slip a picture in!   I love the Maya Road Dress Form Clip and the few words from Tim Holtz rub-ons. Here are some closeups of the detail.  
Thank you for dropping by and staying awhile.  I hope that my craft mojo will be fed by blogging.
      I can't wait to show you what all I did for Evelyn's Birthday decorations and for the Blue and Gold Banquet.  I am already dreaming of the decorations I am working on for Easter...

You keep Dreamin' too.

Pammie Kay

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ghoulish Happenings!

I have to tell you how much I love G45's Eerie Tales. I picked the paper up on a Monday and by the afternoon, I have started fussy cutting. It just kinda spoke to me! This paper is so amazing.
   I used a 12x12 3-D canvas that I purchased at WalMart. Then I just cut and cut and cut.  And cut. I think it turned out great.  

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm gonna try this again!

Oh! How I have missed blogging!  I remember the quiet days in Bolingbrook....take a walk with the dog, create something in my studio, blog about it.  (deep sigh)  Those were the days!
    Now I get up, check email, pay bills,feed the dog (he's getting fat from lack of walks), shower, rush to store, rearrange product, help customers, visit with my new "neighbors", order products, make a display, price and put orders away........WAIT!!!


   My husband will tell you that there is nothing worse to live with than an over scheduled artist!  He is so right.  It has been 2 years since we moved back to Oklahoma and I still don't have my studio space set up. Boxes and other stuff all over it.  That is on my spring to-do list...I'll keep you informed.

Enough nagging for one post!  
Our new products are starting to flow, no flood in. Last week, I had orders arrive on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday!  And yesterday I had 2 come in!!!  So just pictures today, and I will let you know what we are planning for you all in another post.  (Or you can check us out on our Facebook Page)  

Here we go!!


We have WOW Embossing Powder. I ordered the new colors and the "best sellers".  Drop by next week to do a make-take using the Melt It Powder. 

 Copic Markers!

What can I say?  It's Copic!  We got an initial order of 36 markers and their refills.  Watch for classes and a special ordering event (with savings!) coming in May.  Eugene was very well behaved and got to pose with teacher, Lori at the Collin's Group Spring Trade Show in Framingham, MA last month.  Everyone loves Eugene!

My Favorite Things (MFT)

I got to be some of the first to see the new Hybrid Ink from MFT.  The colors are amazing and these pigment based inks dry like dye inks and are permanent on paper surfaces. They are acid-free, archival, and fade resistant. Inks can be heat set on glass, fabric, wood, plastic, metal, and clay. As these inks are fast drying and  waterproof, they cannot be embossed with embossing powder.(that is the description from their page....but I will tell you that they stamp crisp and clear.  And using the Copics on them are amazing!    We also grabbed the stamp and die featured above.  I have Super Hero Paper that it will match wonderfully!

There's more that came in...Girlfriend stamps from Art Impression, Tim Holtz Mini Stamp pads, Beginner Quilling Kits, some quilling kits, and some basics.  

Come to the store and see how much we have grown!  I am Dreamin' of keep Dreamin' too.

Pammie Kay